More Dark Angels

A-Hunt-in-the-DarkSo, as if it wasn’t enough that Master of Sanctity is now available, I only gone and done another Dark Angels story. With the tale in MoS moving on to focus on Asmoidai and Sapphon, our daring Ravenwing commander has moved out of the limelight a little, so this short is for Sammael fans and covers the most famous and important battle in his life.

It’s available to download now at Black Library:


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This Blog is Mostly Filler

That’s right, it’s been so long since I wrote a proper blog post I now have to write a blog post about how long it has been seen I wrote a proper blog post.

I had Special K and a slice of toast for breakfast.

Back when I left Games Workshop and went freelance, I talked to Marc Gascoigne, chief editor of Angry Robot books now but back then recently-made former chief editor of Black Library – about going it alone in the big, harsh world of publishing. He told me to start a blog so that I would stay in the habit of writing often, and keeping in touch with my potential audience. He said that even if I just blog about what I had for breakfast, I should try to put something up regularly, or at least quite frequently.

Of course, at the moment I have more than enough projects to keep me busy writing everyday, from Black Library work, some speculative fiction of my own and some games design fun, which means that the blog has been the poor cousin of late.

When I started I wasn’t of a mind to write anything too personal; this would be a semi-professional blog not an online journal. It seemed a good idea to start with some writing advice, essentially putting my random thoughts in some kind of order for a blog post helped me focus on the other writing I was doing. This has fallen by the wayside of late, but not from any want of mine to knock it on the head. Just busy.

Also, I am hoping to relaunch my whole online presence sometime in the next few months, including a brand new website, all cross-platform with my various social media personas, links to back catalogue and all that jazz, and that means I have perhaps neglected the trusty old wordpress page.

So, here are a couple of bit of writing advice that I always give people, brought to mind by some conversations at the Horus Heresy Weekender.

* Work out your ending first, even if you don’t like doing a lot of planning. If you don’t know what you are heading towards, how do you know if you’re going in the right direction?

* Preparation sounds boring but it makes the exciting bit of writing all the easier and quicker.

* FINISH SOMETHING. You cannot edit unwritten words.

Thank you. I’ll be back with more insightful messages in the future. Follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page where you can have far more frequent snippets of my brain.


All right, all right, it’s a bleedin’ bear for gawd’s sake. Can we move on?


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From the shadows…

Something is emerging.

Have a look at this teaser for one of my more secretive projects of late. Check out those gribbly nasties.

Corax’s past starts to catch up with him. Remember to place your reminder for this Limited Edition release.

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Hugo Award Nomination

I suspect most folks interested in this sort of thing have already read and/ or written just about enough concerning the Hugo Awards ceremony nonsense and ill-favoured nominees. Rest easy, people, this is something completely different. This is a simple congratulations message. No politics here, move along.

cover - speculative-fiction-2012I would like to say a big thank you and a hearty congratulations to Justin Landon (of Staffer’s Book Review) and Jared Shurin (from the Pornokitsch website), both editors at Jurassic London, for making to the Hugo shortlist for Best Related Work with their essay collection Speculative Fiction 2012. The congratulations are self-explanatory I hope, and the thanks is due to the inclusion of one of my blog posts in this impressive collection.

I don’t know if that means I can claim to be a Hugo Award nominee now, but I suspect not. To assuage my jealousy here is a photo of a cup I was awarded in the Cub Scouts when I was eight years old.

Being 'Super Cub' granted me special powers of tent-erecting and bob-a-jobbing.

Being ‘Super Cub’ granted me special powers of tent-erecting and bob-a-jobbing.


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Foolish Interview Begins

Starting to day is a multi-part interview with the Fools Daily podcast, in which I talk about leaving Games Workshop, writing, dealing with criticism, superfans and many other diverse and interesting topics. Go and have a listen, they are nice bitesize episodes.

Also, check out the back episode list, lots of great gaming news and views, as well as an interview with Rick Priestley, creator of Warhammer and many other things beside.

Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates

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BSFG – a Report

So, BSFG doesn’t stand for Big Silly Fluff Guppy (and not to be confused with Bangladesh Sports Federation of Georgia), but the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. This venerable organisation has been running since the early Seventies and has an impressive list of previous speakers, so it was with honour and some trepidation that I appeared at their latest gathering last Friday (after receiving an invitation, obviously). I gave a talk about the ins and outs of writing tie-in fiction; the creative and commercial pros and cons involved thereof in comparison to penning original genre fiction.

It seems to have gone down well, and I would like to thank everybody that came along and listened, and to also say thank you for the comments and conversation afterwards. In particular my gratitude goes to Dave Corby for arranging it all and taking me for a nice steak beforehand, and to Vernon and Pat for ensuring everything was arranged and went smoothly on my arrival.

Special mention goes to Roger as another pleasant dinner companion, and credit to his Encyclopedic Brain of SF. Some intriguing book recommendations I hope to follow-up soon. If I get a chance to come back to the BSFG another time, I hope I am a sequel that Roger likes.

The BSFG are also involved in the Novacon event, which for 2014 takes place in Nottingham, 14-16th November. I think that there may have been clashes with the Black Library Weekender in previous years, but this year there isn’t and I hope to have a look at what’s happening – it would be churlish not to pop in considering it’s just a short drive into the city…

Again, thanks to everybody that turned up, members and guests alike, it was my pleasure to spend an evening in your company.

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Brum and Brummer: upcoming event

This Friday, 11th April 2014, I have been invited to the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. I will be giving a talk looking at the ups and downs of writing tie-in compared with ‘original’ genre fiction, and holding a Q&A. I’m quite excited by this, I’ve done panels, workshops and interviews but never a talk. I may resort to using glove puppets.

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The Black Library – Raven’s Flight Enhanced Audio Edition

The Black Library – Raven’s Flight Enhanced Audio Edition.

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Guest Post at The Shellcase

I’ve written a guest post for the gaming blog over at The Shellcase site.

Thanks also to my friend Carl Brown for some suggestions, check out his blog at A Thousand Hats.

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The Crown of the Blood goes Audio

Ullsaard. Looking mean, staying keen.

Ullsaard. Looking mean, staying keen.

Sixteen hours of commuting to do? Or perhaps a bit of entertainment during the next few painting sessions?

I am very happy to announce that The Crown of the Blood is now available to download from Audible. This unabridged audiobook clocks in at less than $2 an hour, which makes it better value than a movie, even from this modern t’internet thingy. Plus it has giant cats in it, which most movies don’t. If you’re already a  member, why not make this your book of the month for even better value? And if that doesn’t tempt you and you’re not a member of Audible yet you can get it for free by starting a one-month trial! I challenge anyone to find more hard bastards riding giant cats for that kind of outlay.

Not sure? Here’s what some reviews have said:

“I tore through The Crown of the Blood in one long sitting… This is a properly high fantasy world – rock people, dark sorcery, landships, riding panthers and (of course) dinosaurs – but all of it is introduced naturally and casually… his book is hairy, gory, sweaty, shameless… and perhaps even a little bit thoughtful.”


“there’s plenty to keep you turning the pages… An intriguing ending promises something different for book two”
SFX Magazine


“The Crown of the Blood should really have a warning sticker on the front (Angry Robots take note) it’s one of those books that are almost impossible to put down, so much so that you find yourself unconsciously continuing to (try to) read after getting up to make a brew / go to work / go to bed (delete as applicable and don’t try this at home kids). The novel also stands out with a very strong opening scene and excellent end, with a genuinely unexpected twist.”


“Fantastic characterisation, intriguing world-building and an ending that makes your jaw drop, The Crown of the Blood is an excellent novel that is a must-read for any fantasy fan.”
Shadowhawk at The Founding Fields

The Crown of the Blood coverListening to the extract, it’s plain that Paul Thornley has done a great job. Having performed readings of this opening chapter myself, I instantly regretted calling the otherworldly beings the eulanui, and even more that one has the near-unpronounceable title of huoyakuitaka, but Paul pulls it off with aplomb (though I suspect he may have read that and cursed my name).

“This is one of Thorpe’s best novels. The setting and story are well thought out and are remarkably logical for a fantasy novel. If you enjoy military or historical fiction, you will enjoy The Crown of the Blood. Action, intrigue, conquest, and charismatic generals are waiting for you here!”
James Atlantic Speaks


“The Crown of the Blood (Gav Thorpe) is an old-fashioned sword and sorcery romp. There’s not a great deal of sorcery, but there’s lots of fighting and plotting and planning to conquer… it’s a fun book. This book is for readers who want a blast from the past; who want their hour of adventure in a strange world.”
Gillian Polack


“This is an absolutely fantastic novel; I recommend it.”
Daniel’s Thoughts

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