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You know that feeling when somebody points a video camera at you and says ‘say something funny’? Well, that’s kind of how I am feeling at the moment. I’ve jumped ship from full-time, comfortable, mortgage-paying security to become a freelance adventurer on the seas of authoriship and so, with the inevitability of the morning after a cheap curry, I have started this weblog. Where do you begin?

For a start, I’ll probably not get many cool points for insisting on using ‘weblog’ instead of ‘blog’, but I just can’t bring myself to use a word that brings to mind a problem that requires a plumber visiting your lavatory. ‘Blogroll’ as a header on the sidebar doesn’t help dispel this unsavoury image. So, weblog it will be henceforth.

Let’s start with the tale of my mouse. Well, he’s not my mouse, he’s a co-habitant of my house who first appeared when I moved in two years ago. I say ‘he’ for no particular reason, as my ability to accurately judge the sex of a swift-moving mouse at five paces (or up close for that matter) is nonexistent. I just think of him as a little fella, and for some reason I’m more comfortable with that. Anyway, he almost gave me a heart attack when he first scuttled under my living room door not long after I moved in, and made regular appearances for a week or so. I purchased a humane trap in an attempt to catch him and release him into the park just down the street but he clearly wasn’t tempted by my peanut butter bait – as suggested by the packaging, I might add, and not some weird choice on my part. Perhaps he prefers smooth to crunchy, or has a nut allergy, but for whatever reason he did not succumb to my cunning lure.

Without any intervention from myself, he then disappeared and I assumed one of two things had happened. Firstly, that he had simply found a way out of the house and was now running free with all of his mousy friends. Secondly, that he had expired somewhere out of sight and at some unknown point in the future I would be confronted with a slight pong from behind the washing machine and would be forced to dispose of his little rodent corpse. Neither mouse nor decaying whiff was forthcoming and so I happily believed the former had occured, much to my relief.

Two days ago, no three actually, I was sitting on my sofa in the evening when I was distracted by movement on the periphery of my vision. I didn’t see anything through the patterned glass of the door into the dark dining room and so thought it must have been a trick of my imagination. A few moments later, a little mousy head poked around the door and my ‘companion’ had returned. He’s been back each evening since, ducking quickly into the living room from both the dining room and the hallway, and so I feel another trip to the store to get another nice mouse trap is in order (I threw away the old one about a year ago during a clean out of the cupboard under my stairs). Peanut butter didn’t do the trick last time, so please feel free to post suggestions in the comments section on other mouse-friendly nibbles with which I might ensnare my interloper. If I can get the camera on my phone to work properly again then I might post a picture of him for your edification.

For that matter, please post comments about anything as there’s nothing more lonely in the world than a comment on a weblog waiting for company. Okay, perhaps the last biscuit in the barrel is equally forlorn. Also, please also check out the links in the sidebar, particularly the sites of my fellow authors. They have much nicer websites than me, with graphics and animations and whatnot, but I’ve always been a minimalist to some extent.

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  1. I’ve snuk on hear wile gav isnt lookin. Plese help me by bying lots of gavs buks so i dont have to rite any more.

    pls excuse poor spellin as its hard to type wiv ur nose.



  2. A mate of mine at school did an experiment in science about catching mice in humane traps. He had two sets of traps, one set filled cornflakes and one filled with the cardboard from cornflake boxes. Almost all the mice went into the traps with the cardboard in, in preference to the traps containing cornflakes. Completely true, they preferred the cardboard.

    I told him his method was flawed and that he really should have used a third set of traps containing the free gifts from inside the boxes. I’m certain that was what the mice were really after.


  3. Its a nice site, looks very clean and easy on the eye.


  4. Nice to see you pop up somewhere.

    All the best,


  5. Good on you for using a humane trap.

    Have you tried the stereotypical bit of cheese? The smellier the better and I believe it has to be cut into a perfect triangle.

    ‘Fraid the only experience of catching mice I’ve had is when Ginner the cat decided to bring one home and play with it. Actually, since it couldn’t move its legs, I didn’t really have to catch it. Frantic phone calls as to what to do resulted in further hysterics on my part when I was told the kindest thing to so was kill it…well, you know me, that just wasn’t going to happen. But I felt quite vindicated the next day when it had chewed it’s way out of the shoe box I had put it in [through the lid too!] and was running amok in the spare room. Did I not then have to catch it!? Well, no, I went to work and left it for Helen to catch when she got home. It’s her cat afterall!

    Maybe you should just give it a name and think of it as a pet?

    Like the blog, sorry weblog, style!


  6. BTW, do you pronounce that web-log or we-blog?


  7. You might want to try a piece of a “Snickers” bar. We had several small furry friends at one time when I was little and I remember my dad always used some of that candy. Hope that helps.


  8. My dad swears by a bit of Mars bar in the trap and when I had a mouse problem in the hoose in Lenzie, it was a sugary chunk of Mars bar that did the trick.

    Nice looking site, Gav.


  9. Graham, I’m thinking your Dad wasn’t using the humane variety of mousetrap…


  10. Not even a little bit. In fact I think he went to the cat black market to get the one that hurt them the most.


  11. If you can find the mouse trails (mice have a tendency to always run along the same track where they know it’s safe) in your house set your traps there not just randomly throughout your house as per box instructions. Use the glue type traps, the ones that have glue in a tray, then check them every day. When you find Mr.Mousey(or plural) pick up the trap carry it outside a few blocks from your house or preferably into the woods. There very carefully remove said mouse/mice from the trap/s and set free. Caution when using this method a portion of the tail may come off but don’t worry about it he/she/they will be fine. Getting rid of the mouse/mice is a lot better then pulling out your favorite sweater/book/shirt/socks/what have you only to find big chewed mouse holes in same. Whatever you decide make sure to not keep anything of value that might be mouse edible in your house. If you only see one be assured there are more than one that you can’t see. And it’s probably not the same one. Cheers!


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