Dark Elves Q&A part one

The first section of questions and answers, concerning the overall project, can be found here.

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  1. Do the swords summoned by the spell Bladewind fall under the effects of Hatred as well?

    Gav – That’d be a rules question, sorry I won’t be answering those.


  2. gav, on lazarus’s note, its the harpy models who still have.
    Plus, many players find them quite ugly as they are now. (the harpies, i mean.)

    Gav – The only problem I have with the current Harpies is the fitting for the wings – a pain in the arse to get them stuck on straight. I can’t really condone anyone thinking this is not an uglier Harpy than this.


  3. A few questions:

    1. What power level did you envisage the new army book having? Was it designed to rival the ‘top tier’ armies? Will it?

    2. Did you consider put the Sacrificial Dagger magic item in as a magic weapon instead of as an enchanted item? If so, what led to the final decision?

    3. What was the rationale behind bumping up Web of Shadows to 50 points? It saw little enough use at 25 and is unchanged. Is it solely the possible interaction with the Cauldron of Blood giving them killing blow?

    4. How much, if at all, do you look at ideas posted by players on forums (like Druchii.net) when you come to revise an army book? I know it helped push along the Dark Elf revision that was published a while back.

    5. Do you occasional purposefully under- or over-cost certain units? Naming no names, but some things seem too cheap in the new book. Did many units change points cost much from the first draft of the book?



  4. How come the “Ring of Hotek” only costs 25 points and the “Book of Hoeth” (the High Elves – item) costs 100 poins?

    In my opinion they are, on a general basis, equally good:

    The book gives one archamge the potential of getting Irresistible Force, however you must spend many power dice on few spells (you’ll probably have to go for 2 maximum) in order to have a good chance of accomplishing this. This item also spends the archamge’s entire points allowance.

    The Ring, on the other hand, can be taken by a mere unit champion (CoK Champion or BG Champion) since it is an Enchanted item and only costs 25 points. Most likely it protects your whole central battleline. Of course this limits your own spellcasting, but then you can go for a purely magic defensive army, while with the Book you must go for a magic offensive army.

    As these items have the opposite effects of each other, I rate them at least equally good (especially since the miscast table has become worse in 7th Edition).

    This was just my reasoning, I just wonder what arguement you used to justify the cost, that (in my opinion) is presumingly low?

    Please excuse any bad language, English is not my native language, you see.

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Hey there!
    Nice initiative from your part man!

    My first expectation about the new rules was, as I saw in the High Elves armybook, that Dark Elves also would have three different dragon types.
    This I would benefit from since I love everything about dragons, and to have more than one option, points and statistics wise would make me able to field a dragon in more types of armies.

    So my question is:
    how come High Elves have all the three dragons; Sun, Moon and Star when Dark Elves only have one, the Black Dragon? Isn’t that somewhat to discriminate the Dark Elves?

    Thank you,


  6. Hi Gav.
    Why did you only create one “new” unit/character (Death Hag)?
    Many players expected something new, since every new army got something new.

    greetings Jens from Germany

    Gav – It’s a simple matter of resource. For this project we concentrated on getting right what is already there. I wouldn’t say that every army got something new. What new things did Orcs & Goblins have? What was completely new in the last version of the Dwarfs book? Despite being turned into a complete army in their own right, even Daemons didn’t really get anything ‘new’. Units are added where there is the opportunity to expand the miniatures range. This happened with the Vampire Counts because the project was huge – a complete overhaul of the imagery and design. The High Elves received a new chariot because the Tiranoc chariot was getting made in plastic and it made sense to add in options or a variant. The same is true for the Dragon Mage. I like to think that with the wholesale alterations to the way the Dark Elves work, everything has got a bit of a new shine to it 🙂


  7. Hi Gav,
    Since now the Cauldron of Blood can move, will a new model on wheels be produced? Now on the battlefield it feel kinda strange to move this big pot.
    take care,

    Gav – We had a long discussion and decided it would be best to keep the options open. If a new model for the Cauldron of Blood was made at some time in the future, I didn’t want to preclude it having wheels as it did originally. This doesn’t mean it will have wheels, but the rules now allow it. Even if it doesn’t, it seemed incongruous that certain non-wheeled war machines could move when a giant animated statue couldn’t!


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