More from the Torturer’s Table

The next instalment of the Dark Elves Q&A, on the background, can now be found here.

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  1. When i click on the link, it says no posts match your criteria. 😕

    Gav – Linky should work now


  2. Just checking in. Hope all is well in your world-building corner:)

    Gav – Hi Alex, nice to see you still hanging around the place. I am doing a bit of world-building at the moment, as I’m in the process of writing two different fantasy novels. Although I have an overall image and setting in mind, I’m trying not to create the world for its own sake. Instead, I’m allowing the development of the stories to bring in whatever features of the world are needed.

    It’s very liberating. I’ve been working within the Warhammer and 40K worlds for so long, it’s really nice to get out and really stretch my creative legs for the first time in many years. So far it’s been nothing but fun – just like writing should be.


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