Not in the Facebook

Well, yes, actually in the Facebook… I’ve set a ‘public figure’ page for those Hamsterites* who dabble in the social networking thingy. As such, if you feel the urge to sign on as a fan, please do! I may even remember to update it with some frivolous day-to-day stuff that I wouldn’t bother with on MechHam*.

Go to and search for Gav Thorpe. Dennis will be there to greet you. 🙂

*Yes, I am trying to start my own jargon. Visitors here will now be referred to as Hamsterites. Please feel free to use Hamster-related slang and sayings of your own devising.

Published in: on August 15, 2008 at 3:59 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. I really did try to find you, but there were so many Gavin Thorpes. I saw no pics of mechanical hamsters to steer me in the right direction:)


  2. Make sure you put in ‘Gav Thorpe’, not Gavin, and that your using the /pages/ section rather than the regular Facebook portal.

    Hope that helps.


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