Games Day and More News

Thanks to everyone I met a Games Day, it was great to see you all and chat about stuff. I had been hoping to get some video snippets but my phone fu was weak 😦 Quite a few people were taking photos though, so expect to see them cropping up all over the interweb in the coming days. If you’re one of those with pictures you’d like to share, please feel free to add them to my Facebook page as well. Apologies for the absence of Dennis, it seems he doesn’t so Sunday mornings very well – in other words, I forgot the poor hamster in my ill-prepared rush to get ready… He’s glaring at me right now.

In other news, an exciting development in the world of sci-fi and fantasy publishing. My friend and colleague, former Cruel Overlord of the Black Library Marc Gascoigne, is starting a new venture for HarperCollins. Here’s the Angry Robot press release. Marc’s committed and enthusiastic (some might say evangelical) about genre publishing and I hope for good things to come of this and wish him the very best in this endeavour.

Currently reading: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Enjoyable, though so far I prefer Neverwhere. Nagash the Sorceror by Mike Lee. Having met Mike at the weekend I’m looking forward to this.

Currently playing: Spore on the PC. Oh dear, what happened to my Saturday? I’ll need some stern discipline to keep the playing hours to a reasonable level on this one.

Additions to the playlist: I went on a soundtrack binge and have added 300, Black Hawk Down and Dark Knight to my writing playlist. Good stuff.

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  1. Missed you at GD. The queue terrified me…

    You playing WAR, Gav? I’d be interested to hear your opinions.

    Gav – A pity about Games Day, I blame those Abnett and McNeill fellows for the huge queues. If there’s anything you wanted to ask, feel free to do it here.
    I won’t be playing WAR, for the same reason I’ve avoided any form of online gaming for the last few years. I have a somewhat obsessive personality, and I just don’t trust myself to get involved in that sort of thing. I’m bad enough with games like Total War and Civ (and now Spore…), if I was to get hooked on WAR I just know it would take up a disproportionate amount of my time, and I’ve been very good lately not letting the house fall to wrack and ruin, and getting some much delayed reading done!


  2. Hey Thorpey,

    I agree with you on Anansi Boys. Good fun, enjoyable read, but for me, Nevewhere is still his best book. As an aside, Anansi first cropped up in American Gods, which I only realised on a recent re-read.

    However, I would heartily recommend Coraline, a book he wrote for younger readers. A genuinely creepy book, far more off-putting and scary than anything he has written for adults! Highly recommended, and it can be read in an afternoon.

    Speak soon mate,

    Gav – Hey! I’ll add Coraline to the list. I know from conversations with John Blanche concerning books he’s read with his son that there’s some very dark fantasy books marketed as young adult fiction these days – bloodthirsty tales of demons and vampires and other great stuff. One of my favourite books of recent years is Terry Pratchett’s Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. Not dark per se, but entertaining and with a good moral theme.


  3. I’m digging the soundtracks. Do you mostly prefer music, radio or silence when you write?

    Gav – I can’t play anything with distinctive lyrics while I’m actually writing, otherwise I either end up listening to the songs or parts of them inveigle their way into my thoughts and crop up in the writing. On the other hand, if I don’t have something playing, my ear tends to wander seeking sounds form outside and that’s equally distracting. So, my writing playlist contains classical, opera and soundtracks, of a generally moody atmosphere or stirring nature. I listen on random, allowing the music to seep into the background, sometimes with surprising consequences. One of the climactic battle scenes of Malekith just happened to be written to Ride of the Valkyries! The list now includes:
    Dark Knight
    Black Hawk Down
    The Name of the Rose
    All three Lord of the Rings soundtracks
    Berlioz’s March to the Scaffold
    Verdi’s Requeim
    Handel’s Messiah
    Holst’s Mars and Jupiter
    O Fortuna by Carmina Burana
    Mozart’s Dies Irae (very 40K)

    I’m always on the look out (hear out?) for albums or individual tracks that catch my fancy or others find inspirational.


  4. Which Nosferatu score?

    Gav – James Bernard composing, the City of Prague Philharmonic playing, released by Silva Screen Records. You can find it on iTunes easily enough.


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