Language Article

Another article on writing, this time using languages in your fiction.

Say What?

As I’ve been threatening to do over the last few weeks, I’ve finally managed to put aside some time to talk about the use of language in fantasy and sci-fi. By this I don’t mean the style of prose, but rather the use and representation of different languages by the narrator and characters.

It’s an immensely broad subject once you start looking at the detail, and right at the start I’ll say this is, like my other advice, simply a rambling collection of thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear from fellow Hamsterites on their own experiences; the way they’ve dealt with the issue, or perhaps problems they have yet to resolve.

Why Do It?

The first thing a writer must ask is whether it is necessary to employ different languages in your story. The potential pitfalls are deep, so there must be a solid reason for doing so. As with other aspects of writing, the use of languages falls into three categories: character development; plot; and world-building.

The rest can be found HERE.

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