Close Encounters of the Angry Kind

Where Dennis leads, others follow… It has just been brought to my attention that Angry Robot have a WordPress site now open. Head over to HERE to have a look. Not that there’s much to look at just yet, but one for the future I reckon.

In other news, it’s amazing what you can do to a novel with £13.98 and a spare day. The £13.98 was spent on a desktop writing pad easel thing and some coloured pens. The day was spent scribbling all of the elements of The Crown of the Blood over big bits of paper, drawing lines, adding in ‘cool ideas’ and ‘Moments of Awesome’. The result? A much clearer and dynamic storyline for the novel, which now isn’t the same basic tale as Malekith.

How did I achieve this momumental feat? Well, I went back to basics. If the character journey was the same as in Malekith, the easiest way to change things was to alter the starting point. I chopped out some of the sub-plots and incorporated them into the protagonist’s storyline instead. Everything fell into place after that and I’m just buffing up the synopsis and some sample chapters.

So, next time you’re stuck on an idea, leave it alone for a while and then break out the pens of many different colours. Read here for more thoughts on that. My pad has adhesive strips, so the sheets are now stuck to the wall of my office/ study/ box room for me to look at with pride. ‘Saving’ a novel for under fourteen quid? Bargain!

Addendum: Look what just arrived in the post for Dennis (apologies for my shonky camera work):

Dennis says hello to Malekith

Dennis says hello to Malekith

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  1. […] This changed quite quickly, with Ullsaard being demoted a to a prince, though the shape of the story-as-it-turned-out was forming quickly.  The plot I initially worked out charted Ullsaard&#. […]


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