A British Children’s TV Legend Passes On

Some of my most distinctive memories from childhood are based on shows created by Oliver Postgate. I’m sure the likes of Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss and the Clangers have a place in the hearts of many who grew up with these shows. A combination of surreal stories and settings shot through with genuine warmth for the characters made these remarkable children’s shows with an endearing, unfading quality.


Addendum: Though Mr Postgate worked in TV, for those thinking of writing for children it’s worth reading these thoughts of his. Sort of ties in a bit with what Alex has mentioned on the blog here.

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  1. He was a genius of his time Gav.

    I grew up with Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss & the Clangers – children’s TV obviously has an enduring element for people to remember it when they’re so much older. My parents usually mention Muffin the Mule as the ‘thing’ of it’s day – it must be to do with a kids brain soaking up everything around it. I wonder whether Power Rangers, Ben 10 or Pokemon will have the same durability for the kids of today?

    My guess would be yes – mainly due to the marketing aspect that dominates children’s entertainment.

    Things are very different nowadays where stories & characters are ‘brands’ with massive merchandising machines behind them whereas in Postgate’s era it was more a case of make something fun for the kids to watch at tea time.

    The technique of reinventing a brand every so many years seems to be the ‘norm’ for big name producers and manufacturers.

    Fresh ideas will still be around but competing against the main players is going to be more competitive as you have to prove you have something with genuine appeal that can compete with the market research departments ‘sure things’. Tough times if you’re looking for big money deals but not impossible.


  2. what a powerful article he wrote. thanks for including the link in your post — gives a lot of food for thought.


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