Shadow King Cover

The title says it all! The cover for Shadow King can be seen at the Black Library website. I mentioned previously what a nice guy Jon Sullivan is and now you can see his latest work. I think the cover is great, now I’m starting to think about the Caledor cover… That’s quite a way off yet though!

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  1. I’ve realised my copy of Malekith has ‘The Sundering Begins’ for a subtitle but Shadow King has ‘A Tale of the Sundering’ as a sub.

    Both Nagash & Empire sequals continue with their previous subs but why the change in Shadow King?


  2. That’s interesting – all of my copies have ‘A Tale of the Sundering’ as a subtitle, even the two versions I have that aren’t on sale (one with an experimental reverse of the silk/ gloss cover varnish and another where the Black Library logo was ommitted from the spine). Where did you buy your copy?

    ‘The Sundering Begins’ was the original subtitle but I didn’t like it for a couple of reasons and asked for it to be changed. Firstly, I don’t see the trilogy as a traditional book one-book two-book three sequence. Secondly, while ‘The Sundering Ends’ might have been okay for Caledor, ‘The Sundering Continues’ or whatever would have been lame for Shadow King.


    • Herr Thorpe,

      I’ve rechecked my copy and it is as you say. My mistake, I could have sworn the subtitle was ‘The Sundering Begins’

      Prolly I had see the old artwork so many times that my brain got stuck to the old subtitle.



  3. That cover really is top work! A lovely piece.


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