The Walls Have Ears

Well, perhaps not quite. Following rumours that Dennis will soon be making a proclamation concerning his plans to take over the world, enemy spies have been gathering. Furtive glances in the streets, strange clicks on the telephone line, and I’m pretty sure the same old lady walked past my house three times yesterday.

If further (or any) proof is needed, only this morning I caught one of the Squirrel King’s minions keeping Dennis’ base under surveillance:

Brazen espionage!

Brazen espionage!

None other than Foxy McFox! Wanted in four counties following the whole Badger Incident.

Playing it cool

Playing it cool

This ruthless agent tried to pretend there was nothing untoward happening, just a morning sunbathe, but Dennis and I know different.

Foxy spots Phalanx on a counter-espionage sweep.

Foxy spots Phalanx on a counter-espionage sweep.

Dennis despatched Phalanx to deal with this interloper, but the sly spy slipped away before he could be apprehended.

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  1. I suspect it was the orange that gave Phalanx was.

    Orange knows orange.


  2. Wonderful. I see that our good sheep is fitting right in to his new occupation…

    Long may the Squirrel King be repulsed, in the name of Dennis!


  3. Happy Birthday, Gav!


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