It is with great pleasure that I can officially announce my forthcoming fantasy series The Crown of the Blood. You may remember mention of this from posts long past. The series will be published by HarperCollins through their new ‘F, SF & WTF’ imprint Angry Robot, headed by the worthy Marc Gascoigne.

I’ve been working on and off with the first book, also entitled The Crown of the Blood, for more than year, so it is with some excitement that I can make this announcement. I’d describe the series as a mature swords-and-sandals fantasy epic, charting the fortunes and (more commonly) misfortunes of Ullsaard, a powerful general of the Askhan Empire. Expect lashings of bloody swordplay, vicious battles, sex and manipulation, and no shortage of politicking, betrayal and dark sorcery.

Here is the full Angry Robot press release.

Thanks for your continued support, I hope you’ll enjoy The Crown of the Blood as much as my Warhammer novels.

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  1. I am sooo pleased for you mate! Nice one.

    And it sounds ACE! You can’t have too many decapitations in sword and sandals you know… I expect to see much ‘hacking’ and ‘slashing’. You better keep the ravens fat in this series! 🙂


  2. Congratulations.
    Have to admit to not having read any of your Warhammer novels, but will look forward to The Crown of Blood.


  3. Ahh finally !!!

    Some sex/profanity filled fantasy novel written by one of BL’s finer authors.

    If only BL would take notice and release an 18s only 40K line.


  4. Congratulations, I look forward to reading this series.

    I do hope this doesn’t signal the end of your BL works though.

    Gav – Not at all. Still plenty of Warhammer and 40K novels and stories to write.


  5. Good going, I’m glad you’re able to advance your career.


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