Crunch Time!

As you may have guessed from my relative silence of late, I’ve been busy working on Path of the Warrior. Now officially announced for next summer, this is the first in a trilogy entitled The Eldar Path, the later two books being Path of the Seer and Path of the Outcast (yes, I know being an outcast is technically not part of the Eldar Path, but continuity of titles trumps pedantry in this case!). I’ve still got a couple more weeks of intensive writing to finish the novel, and then a we break to plan a couple of projects before getting stuck in to The Crown of the Blood.

It’s tricky sometimes keeping one’s mind on the project at hand – I keep thinking about those future projects, blithely assuming that Path of the Warrior is done and dusted, when in reality there’s still plenty of thinking and writing to be done to make sure it’s up to scratch. It’s also been tempting to distract oneself with blog posts – people keep asking for advice on writing, which leads to me concocting new posts in my head. Time, though, is of the essence, and for the moment Mechanical Hamster will have to wait a couple of weeks before I can add some more posts.

It hasn’t helped that there’s not been much to tell recently. No signings of late or other announcements. It’s also possible to veer into some serious displacement activity writing a running commentary on the current project, all of which may seem like a good idea, but ends up taking even more time away from the primary task of getting a novel written.

I haven’t forgotten my hamsterites, there’ll be plenty to come in the future! If you’re after random titbits, you can follow DennisHamster on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Event News – Along with many other Black Library ‘names’ I shall be at UK Games Day on September 27th, and I’ll also be signing books and doing other authorly things at GamesFest on 24th October. More details to come…

Addendum – In Path of the Warrior news, you can now check out this utterly awesome cover! This is Korlandril, the main character from the novel. I guess the title and picture give you a clue what he ends up doing!

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  1. That cover – WOW! One seriously cool piece of work.


  2. Can’t wait for Games Day!


  3. Heck, I can’t wait to read that novel :D! Good thing they narrowed it down to 3 paths ;):


    • Loving that link, Athenys!



  4. Looking good Gav, can’t wait to read it. Oh and hi!


  5. Space Hulk the Novella, Gav? Really?



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