Signing Dates

No, I’ll not be putting my moniker on dried fruit, but here’s a list of my signing events through December and January:

Shadow King is out in December

Warhammer World, 5th December

GW Loughborough, 12th December

GW Cheltenham, 19th December

And Raven's Flight is out in Jan

GW Plaza, Oxford St, 9th January

GW Liverpool, 16th January

GW Leeds, 23rd January

Come along to get stuff signed, have a chat and ask whatever you like.

In other news, the finishing line (or ‘dead’line as editors like to call it it) is in sight for The Crown of the Blood. Then I’ve got a very busy December re-writing Path of the Warrior, writing a Space Marines short story and a Warhammer-based audiobook (more of that in the future – exciting stuff). I’ll be launching into a Dark Angels novel in the new year, but will have to find some time to write synopsises for Caledor and The Crown of the Conqueror at some point! Truly there is no rest for the wicked.

And as a parting treat, here’s pic of me meeting some wrasslers before the Smackdown! TV show in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, with Cryme Tyme and Beth Pheonix. A great night out, and apparently you could see the backs of mine and Adam’s heads on ECW…

Gav lays the SmackDown!

Shad, me, the Glamazon and JTG get street

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  1. Ah’ll si’thee in Leeds.


  2. You need to stop putting Dennis in the pictures. He steals it too much.

    The camera *loves* him.


  3. Will Black Library be releasing the audiobooks on flexidisc?


  4. Aenarion by: Gav Thorpe

    Found on the BL website, will this be the New Dark Angels book? So many new things, i’m on a mission to piece them together.


    • Aenarion is a Time of Legends audiobook. The Dark Angels novel will be released as part of the Space Marine Battle series (no date yet),




  5. Awesome! Any of the ‘rasslers into Warhammer or were they just like ‘who is this guy’?
    Wrestling with Shadows is a documentary about Bret Hart, which was being filmed at the same time the Montreal Screwjob happened. Points to me!


    • I don’t know of any famous wrestlers connected with gaming, though there are a few comic books fans (Cody Rhodes is a big comic geek, for one). If I do learn of anything, you can be sure I’ll be mentioning it here!


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