Path of the Warrior Edit

I need to find some way to get this line into the novel…

(Thanks to DakkaDakka for bringing this to my attention.)

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  1. D’you know, the idea of an Eldar balling up socks out of the laundry basket isn’t sitting comfortably with me.


    • Wraithsocks ball up themselves. The wonders of Eldar psychic technology.


      • Wraithsocks. Genius.

        I need some of those to deal with the solitary, sullen loners left at the bottom of the basket.


      • Those are the ones that are trapped on the Path of the Sock; the missing ones are those that have moved on to become other forms of hosiery.


      • The Path of the Pop Sock


  2. I played a tournament, and my original Rouge Trader era beakie Space Marine army was older than half my opponents 🙂

    Since “I’m the juggernaught, bitch” was lifted off the internet and popped into the movie, who is to say you can’t do the same with good lines you find on the internet?


    • A few years back, Graham McNeill and I ran into something similar at a BL event at the local Waterstones store. I was asked how long I had been playing GW games, and at the time the reply was sixteen years. I asked the audience how many of htme were that old, and nobody put up their hand…

      I’ve started seeing grey hairs in my beard now too (hopefully the few ginger ones will white-out first!). It’s all downhill from here.


  3. I did recently use a similar line to a weekend supervisor (where I work), who said he’d be able to ‘boss me around’ during the week – I just replied “I don’t think so, considering my socks are older than you are !!”.


    • That’s not like your usual meek and humble self…


  4. We haven’t even charged you for it either Mr. Thorpe !

    Love from the Dakka MOD team.

    Looking forward to this series a lot.

    When the BL site actually springs into life I will commence my campaign for more Ravenguard HH stuff and a dwarf background book straight away, so make the most of the freetime you have now


    • Free time? What is this ‘free time’ of which you speak?

      Loved the whole 40K humour thread, some real tea-snorting images there!



  5. Really liked the Path of the Warrior book, would like to see more similar books for other Aspects and Craftworlds. I’m glad to have found the Warhammer universe(s) and hobby in my early adulthood and see it grow and become a more rich and detailed place to escape to over the years (since 1988 for me!). Keep up the good work!


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