Ullsaard and the Legions of Askhor

Just in case you missed it by any of the other routes I’ve been pimping, the cover for The Crown of the Blood is now on show on the Angry Robot website… Happy happy, joy joy. Kudos to Paul Young.

[Note, giant cats of death.]

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  1. Oooh, pretty!

    How does Dennis cope with the Giant Cats of Death?


    • He retreats to his Ball of Solitude and pretends they don’t exist.


      • I can sincerely believe that Dennis has the power to alter reality with thought alone.


  2. Very nice!


  3. This book has caught my attention, but is there a sample or extract anywhere? I’ve found samples hold my attention better, and keep me waiting. I don’t want to forget it in the meantime and miss its publication.



    • Hi,

      I expect there to be an extract available from the Angry Robot website a bit closer to release; I’m sure it will be well-publicised when it goes up (I’ll certainly be lettting people know!).


  4. Thanks!


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