Missed Anniversary

Ten years on. Time for a return?

It’s just come to my attention that I missed the opportunity for a celebration a few months ago… Gosh durn it!

My first novel, 13th Legion, was released in December 2000. So, it has been more than ten years since that fateful day. Quite often people might be asked ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?’ by some dim yet possibly well-meaning manager or HR type. I can safely say that in 2000, I did not see myself being where I am in 2010.

Back then I had just taken over as Loremaster of the Warhammer games development team (or was just about to, I can’t remember exactly whether it was 2000 or 2001). I had a department (two of ’em, but that’s still a dept) and a whole games system to support and develop (and I note with disappointment that the Fishmen have been knocked back down the schedule yet again).

These days I have a mechanical hamster and a five-legged sheep to worry about, and a long list of stories, novellas, audiobooks and novels that need writing over the coming years.

So, have things changed that much? The walk to work is shorter. The schedule is just as daunting, yet filled with the same excitement and exploration that made my duties as Loremaster so entertaining. There’s a lot less meetings with managers of one flavour or another (good), but a lot less meetings with other writers, artists and designers (bad). other than my editors’ input, nobody is looking over my shoulder (good), but there is the stark reality that my working life is now mostly me, a keyboard and a screen (bad). I can (within reasonable constraints) choose my projects and pace (good), but there’s no regular payday at the end of every month (bad).

I could go on. That period at GW – relaunching Warhammer, working on Inquisitor – probably the best years I had with the company. I could go back to doing that without much hesitation. But nothing lasts forever, people and places change. The life of the freelance pirate sailing the writing waves suits me just fine. The mortgage gets paid, there’s food in the fridge, and best of all I get to do something that I love, without anybody interfering (editors notwithstanding).

Currently Reading: Matter, by Iain M. Banks. Just starting, promises to be a really good ‘un.

Currently watching: The usual – 24, Lost, Fringe, and a great WrestleMania. Finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t bothered about Caprica and deleted the dozen or so episodes languishing on my Sky Planner. Looking forward to The Pacific. New South Park just started too, huzzah.

Recently watched Aliens again – still a wonderfully quotable movie. Saw Avatar in 3D and thought it was an exceptional piece of film-making. All the whinging about the thin story? Shut the hell up. Good story, simply told, with amazing narrative and cinematography. Many directors would do well to pay attention and stop trying to show off at the expense of the narrative. It isn’t simply money and chance that has meant James Cameron has been involved in the most seminal blockbuster movies in the last twenty years (Terminator 2, Aliens, The Abyss, Titanic…). If there was anyone I would choose to make a movie of one of my books or stories, it’d be JC.

Watched Black Hawk Down again too, but couldn’t stop myself thinking about Call of Duty killstreaks all the way through (lack of Ac-130 Spectre, Little Birds attack run). I am broken.

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  1. Fringe has been excellent, I prefer this to X Files now I reckon. Better use of the meta plot thusly far.

    Congrats. on the 10 years, here’s to another 10. I will be deeply upset with BL if you don’t get to write the first Fishman novel.


  2. 9 years, not 10, since Dec 2000 right?


    • Er, maybe…

      But it’s probably about ten years since I wrote it. Ahem.


  3. You like wrestling? Or just the spectacle of ‘Mania?

    If it’s the former I’d like to suggest you read both the biographies of Chris Jericho and Bret Hart.. Both awesome reads!

    It’s sad but I’ve yet to read 13th Legion, as Amazon was abominably slow for my birthday last month.. Damn them! 😉


    • I am big wrestling nerd fan, really enjoyed WrestleMania the last couple of years.

      As for biographies…

      Not read the Jericho one yet.


      • Aw man.. Now i’m going to have to hunt you down and steal your soul.. Or your signed Hitman bio.

        Why must you mock me with that, dude, thats just cruel!

        Around The World In Spandex – the Jericho bio with the awesome name – is a brilliant read and knocks Stone Cold’s into 3rd place for wrestling bios; though i do keep meaning to buy Batistas to see how “the new generation” of wrestlers compare to the ones of my youth.

        What saddens me is how many wrestlers I see who have ripped of “The Rock Bottom”.. oh the horror 😉


  4. Fringe is an amazing show, one of my three favourites. The new South Park episodes are pretty good as well. Looking forward to more of both.

    Ive never read any of the Penal Legion books but if they are ever reprinted ill try and get them, they do look good.


  5. ‘I’ve never read any of the Penal Legion books’

    You definately should. The dynamic between Schaeffer and Kage is great. Plus, with the 13th being a Penal Legion, Gav gets to pull in all kinds of barrel-scraping Imperial scum. Kage is my favourite, however: a first-class bad-ass.


  6. Gav,

    I stopped by here after spotting the link from Nick Kyme’s blog, and I would just like to say that I managed to catch Raven’s Flight in a friend’s car the other day. Having not really made the foray into the BL audio books before (I have a copy of Thunder from Fenris in the glove box of my car but haven’t had a journey long enough to listen to it yet) I have to say that I was impressed.

    You captured the atmosphere of the dropsite massacre very well, and Corax was a true bad ass. I didn’t want it to wrap up so soon, and to say that I was disappointed with it, but only because it ended, well that’s just gravy for you, right?

    Planning any more audio books? I certainly hope so.




    • I’m happy you liked Raven’s Flight. My next audiobook is Aenarion.


  7. …Avatar was rubbish Gav 😛


    • You have no soul…


  8. …but I am a souldier 😉


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