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It’s been a while, so I thought an update was in order. Having finally delivered a semi-secret Sundering project to Black Library a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been steadily working on The Crown of the Conqueror, book two of The Crown of the Blood series for Angry Robot. On that note, I am looking forward to the UK and Australia release of The Crown of the Blood on 27th May. Just about three weeks to go! Ain’t it exciting?

The cover for the Aenarion audiobook has been previewed on the Black Library Blog, along with the art for my Space Marine Battles novel The Purging of Kadillus. Good stuff from Jon Sullivan I think you will agree. In other BL news, I spent some time last week with editors Nick Kyme and Christian Dunn, discussing armfuls of potential future projects, including novellas, audiobooks, short stories and, of course, more novels. For those that keep asking, Horus Heresy work did crop up and there will hopefully be more to announce in the months to come on that front. I also talked to Nick about other Time of Legends subjects to be tackled after I’m done with The Sundering, the possibility of another 40K series and some one-off novel ideas. Even discounting the vague ‘yeah, that’d be good’ stuff on the list, my schedule has filled up nicely for the next two years!

In web-related news, I’ve just participated in the latest SF Signal Mind Meld, discussing the best spaceships in written science fiction. Be sure to check this out and add your own suggestions in the comments.

Along with Alessio Cavatore and other notable games designers, I plan to be signing copies of Family Games: The 100 Best at the UK Games Expo on June 6th.

Last by no means least, I will be making an appearance at the Alt.Fiction convention in Derby on Saturday 12th June.

Watch this space for more event and signings info for the summer.

Reading: Just finished Generation Kill, highly recommended. Having a bit of a comics binge at the moment. Working my way through Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-men and really enjoying it even though I’m not a huge super hero fan. Also reading The Boys, full of typical Garth Ennis savaging of the super hero genre. Also full marks for Kick Ass, a really smart story, great-looking comic. Now that Generation Kill is out of the way, I’ll be getting on with Matter by Iain M. Banks.

Watching: Hard Target, an adaptation of the DC Comics title. Slightly better-than-average fare, with some solid stories and a subtle but intriguing arc. Loving the character of Guerrero. Fringe is hotting up nicely. Can’t believe there are only three episodes of Lost to go – they’re going to have to cram in a lot of stuff, it’s sure to be a wild ride. 24 is very up and down, terribly predictable at the moment, but still supplying some good Jack Bauer moments.

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  1. Good to see you’re still at work, keep at it man. Generation Kill was a cool read I just need to get around to watching the series as being HBO and based on a quite good book it should rock.


    • Do it. The HBO series is fantastic. Very true to the events of the book, and some of the most engaging TV you will ever watch.


  2. I look forward to read The Crown of the Blood which I ordered in advance.


  3. Hey Gav,

    I work in a specialist SF bookshop in Sydney. Seems somethings up with Angry Robot, we’ve been informed that HC is no longer distributing them and all forthcoming Angry Robot titles in Australia have been canceled 😦 which sux as I am hanging out for CROWN OF THE BLOOD and had quite a few on order for the store.

    Now I’m going to have to get my copy from Amazon…



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