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As those who follow on Twitter and Facebook will have seen, my friend Guy Haley has just signed a deal with Angry Robot. Having read an early Richards and Klein short story, I can say I’m really looking forward to seeing them in a full novel. While I have your attention, please check out Guy’s new website – and find time to see what the other authors and artists are up to from the list of links to the right.

Okay, pimpage done, back to writing Caledor. Morathi is the focus this afternoon, and she is really, really pissed off…

And while I remember, here’s the Kolossus at Baltimore Games Day, inspired by Grudgebearer:

Fear the Dawi Zharr!

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  1. Thanks for the notification, I checked out his page and the premise for his novel seems awesome. Angry Robot looks to be growing pretty well.


  2. Yay, my Kollossus! 🙂 Thanks Gav!

    For those interested in Chaos Dwarfs, Thomas Hunt has created an amazing Army Book for Chaos Dwarfs in 8th Edition:


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