As I promised on Facebook, here are a few sneaky peaks at The Bloody-handed, my forthcoming limited edition novella for The Sundering. It takes a closer look at Hellebron’s early days in the cult of the Lord of Murder, and is packed with some really cool illustrations too.

The Bloody-handed

1,000 hand-signed copies

Character portraits (This is Alandrian)

Filled with spot illustrations

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  1. sexy, I want


  2. I want it! How to get it when we leave outside of UK? Thru the french Black Library?


  3. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to get this book, any idea of the price?


  4. I want this! When is it going to be released, and how do I get my hands on a signed copy?


  5. order it from the postage for foreign orders may be a bit excessive though I warn you.


  6. I cant wait to get this, as soon as I can pre order it I’m going to. Will there be any more novellas like this set during the Sundering?


  7. ah love Hellebron. I’m so buying this one.



  8. […] kvar tills Gav Thorpe’s “The bloody handed” ska släppas. Sneak peaks finns på Gav’s blogg ! Åh, klarar inte av denna väntan! Praise Khaine! […]


    • Glad you’re looking forward to The Bloody-handed. Great pics too, those models look very cool.


  9. Hi Gav and Dennis,
    I get my copy of “The Bloody Handed” (I´m proud owner of number 513)two days ago and finished reading it the same day. I like the picture you created aroud Hellebron and her sister. I must say I´m no native english speaker and so my understanding of you novel is perhaps not as detailed as from other people. Nethertheless I would give you a feedback as a true follower of Khaine. I think the starting of the novel had the most athmosphere and the second part becomes very political and action intendive. The character development then vanished in the flow of events. It feeled that that you replace the design of the character for a lot of action and events needed to embed Hellebron in the overall picture of the sundering history. Do you wished to have more sites for weighting both in a same way?

    You did a good job on both, the conflict with Morathi at the start and the creation of the political reasons and decisions leeding to the circumstance that the temple of Khaine become the main cult are brilliant. But I miss some things in the whole structure:

    In my eyes, the the whole cult thing was at the beginning to religious and in the end to political. I miss the magic and the spirit the worship of Khaine comes with in other books and novels. The Khaine cult looks more like the religions work in our world, without a sign or magic which comes from the god itself. Reading Alith Anar from you and Mike Lees Malus Darblade novels, the Khainites use some kind of “blood magic”, which gives the whole religion more spirit and dimension. Why you decieded to reduce this more impressive kind of religion to a more simple form, where Hellebron and Lirieth works with drugs and tricks?

    If it was your intension to show that both girls work with more earthly methods to claim power and status, why don´t elaborate this more out in showing that the religious leaders of the cults have the power of their gods and can use them?

    I really like the the scene when Hellebron and Lirieth started to change the Khaine cult and make the battlefield to his temple and the slaughter to the prayers. But things change to quickly to a picture of a cult which we see it in the future days in Naggaroth based on temples and sacrifices. Mike Lee also describes the early days of the Khaine Cult as a wandering, worship on the battlefield and the mastery of killing abilities, instead of a work in temples and making sacrifices. Why you leap this really promising phase or set in a background and create such a strong picture of a temple religion?

    My impression after your book is that Hellebron isn´t a choosen of Khaine after all. She uses the cult to claim power and status, but there is nothing supernatural on her which I would expect from an avatar of Khaine. This fit´s good to the political role of the Khaine cult it has in the future of Naggaroth, if this was intended the book misses a description of the opposite way in the Khaine cult to draw this more clearly out. I´m really interested what you think about this point?

    Some note, I can´t remember completly but read somewhere that you noted that Furion from the 6. Edition Dark Elf army rulebook could have a comeback in one of your future novels. I think this is more and more interesting as Furion killed his daughters (and wears their bones around his neck) in opposite to Alandrian who decieded himself to follow the treacherous path of his daughters and let them kill his wife.

    At the end I will say, that I really enjoyed the Bloody Handed as all your other novels and will thank you for your great work around the Dark Elfs. I´m looking forward reading Caledor.

    Kind Regards


  10. […] 1 månad kvar tills Gav Thorpe’s “The bloody handed” ska släppas. Sneak peaks finns på Gav’s blogg ! Åh, klarar inte av denna väntan! Praise Khaine! […]


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