Hello 2011

I’m a bit slow out of the blocks at the moment – perhaps a bit too much turkey and cake over the festive period. I hope you all had lots of nice books from Santa, I certainly did. Unusually, I did not devour the latest Terry Pratchett by the end of Boxing Day (I Shall Wear Midnight) as I was sidetracked by the first of two Derren Brown books I received – Tricks of the Mind. I am currently constructing the foundations of my memory palace and looking forwards to hypnotising you all at my next signing. (I also received Confessions of a Conjuror which I will leave for a bit.) There are some old skool SF novels on the pile too that I have been meaning to get for a while – Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451. There’s also a popular science book – Why Does E=Mc2? – to add to the eclectic mix.

Before you get impressions that I am somehow a highbrow, worthy reader I should add that the final book is Adam Copeland on Edge, a wrestling autobiography… That one will probably travel with me to Amsterdam at the end of the month for some light in-flight reading.

It’s an odd start to a year. I’ve got nothing to write.

That’s not strictly true, actually. I have plenty of projects lined up for 2011, I’m just not starting the first one yet. That will be Deliverance Lost, my first full-length Horus Heresy novel. In preperation for writing the synopsis and to get my head around things, I am embarking on a complete read-through of the HH series to date. That includes all the short stories and audiobooks too. I’m taking notes as I go along, on certain characters, plot points, elements of style and background, and sketching out my ideas for Deliverance Lost as they occur to me.

It’s an interesting experience. Mostly my research for a new Black Library novel will revolve around brushing up on the various gaming books containing related background – I don’t read other BL novels as preparation. I’m intrigued to see how the HH series unfolds back-to-back. It’s a bit like the difference between watching a TV series week-by-week and watching it as a DVD boxset, or perhaps reading a collected graphic novel of a comic series. You get a different sense of pacing when you don’t have to wait between installments, which sometimes is for the better and sometimes doesn’t work as well.

I have some rewrites coming up too. The Crown of the Conqueror for Angry Robot and Path of the Seer, second installment of The Eldar Path are both with the editors at the moment.

Further into the year will be some audiobooks, probably, as well as Path of the Outcast. I’ve also been talking with BL about my next trilogy for the Time of Legends series. Look out for further announcements, I think it’s one that will cause a bit of a stir and no doubt some will feel it a somewhat contraversial choice, but that’s all for the better as far as I’m concerned.

One of the best things about being a writer, workwise, is that now and then you get money for old rope! In my case, Grudgebearer is being packaged up with two of Nick Kyme’s dwarfs novels in an omnibus edition, along with background material we wrore for the Grudgelore book. It’ll be nice to see Grudgebearer available again, bringing bawdy dwarf drinking songs to a new generation… Plus the money always comes in handy.

Before the end of the year I will also have written The Crown of the Usurper, most likely the concluding part of the series, though that’s not yet been finalised. My mind is wandering onto what to do next for non-BL writing, so we’ll have to see what happens with that.

I’m going to have to be a bit canny with my deadlines this year – with some friends I am heading off to New Zealand in the autumn for the Rugby World Cup, so that will be a big chunk of time (and money!) I have to bear in mind.

As I mentioned earlier I have a signing in Amsterdam at the end of January, plus we have Black Library Live! to look forwards to. There’s also talk of double-teaming with Nick Kyme for the Warhammer Doubles tournament to celebrate the release of the Dwarfs omnibus. Come and say hello at any of these if you get the chance.

Enough waffling. Time to read more about Space Marines, Remembrancers and Primarchs…

Happy New Year to all my lovely Hamsterites!

Competition News

I ran a little competition on my Facebook Page just before Christmas, offering the chance to write the dedication in two of my forthcoming books. I really should do random draws or something, I feel ever so guilty and sorry for those that enter and don’t win, like I’m judging them. Actually, I am judging them, what am I saying? Anyway, the winners are…

For smart-arsedness I appreciate, Path of the Seer. Marc Collins with: For Marc. If you wish to experience this tale as the Farseer does, turn to the end, read backwards and plan all life accordingly.

And because I can be dumbly sentimental at time, for The Crown of the Conqueror it is Eric Slaney: To Eric’s wife Claudia for putting up with all my books.

Special mention goes to my good pal Adam Troke, I’m sure I can slip this in somewhere: Dedicated with love to Adam, because you introduced me, not only to Cryme Tyme, but also the Glamazon!

I’ll point out that they are in fact wrestlers, not names of gay nightclubs, just in case you were wondering.

Could the winners please get in touch on the hamster hotline: dennishamster (at) btinternet (dot) com.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the fun, you have been placed on Dennis’s naughty list. (Sorry, Dennis doesn’t have a nice list, we’re all for the chop it seems.)

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  1. Can you give us any info on Deliverance Lost like does it take place after Isstvan V? Any infomartion would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I am also curious as to the nature of Deliverance Lost, any info would be appreciated 🙂


  3. I dare say it’ll be a follow up to last year’s Raven’s Flight and will focus on the Raven Guard post drop-site massacre.

    I’m hoping that we have as few details as possible. I love reading the HH novels fresh.


  4. I concur with Tim, if memory serves “Collected Visions” mentions a certain pertinent someone arriving in stasis at Terra near the end of the compendium.

    In any case, I’m thoroughly excited by all this. [i]Grudgebearer[/i] was a terrific book, if memory serves, and the background in [i]Grudgelore[/i] was simply excellent.

    I’m banking on Gav’s next ToL trilogy bearing the titles “Vallya”,”Grimnir” and “Grungni”, though perhaps not in that order. And if that’s not the case, it should be.

    Did I mention how thoroughly I enjoyed “Aenarion”?


  5. Hi there, I recently finished up The Shadow King and noticed how you mentioned a mechanical hamster. I decided to check it out and was pleased to find that Caledor is coming out soon (if not now).

    I have one question about The Path of the Seer. Is this book considered a sequel? Or more of a continuance of the Eldar theme?

    Thanks a bunch and please! Never stop writing. I love your books.


    • It is a sequel of sorts, following the story of Thirianna over the same events covered by Path of the Warrior.


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