The End is Nigh

The final installment arrives (in May for you lot)

A parcel dropped through the letterbox this morning, containing an advance sample copy of Caledor. At first this prompted the usual relieved reaction of ‘Ahh, it’s done’ that I get whenever I see a book or story in printed form. This was quickly followed by another sensation, that of slight melancholy. You see, Caledor signals the end of The Sundering series, and with it comes a strange feeling of sadness that my adventures with Malekith, Alith Anar and Caledor are at an end.

When it came to finishing the Last Chancers, it was with a sense of satisfaction – though recently I have started to slightly regret my decision to end things the way I did and have a hankering to get back to some good old-fashioned action with Kage and the Colonel. The same was true of Slaves to Darkness, the feeling of a job done and a story told. With The Sundering, the tale is such an epic one I cannot quite believe it is over. It’s only been three books, but they have swallowed me up maybe more than any others I have worked on. Perhaps it is because I know that the story does not really end there; in fact The Sundering is as much of a beginning as an ending. Perhaps it’s just because I haven’t got my teeth into the next Time of Legends series yet.

There have been sporadic conversations with the editors at Black Library about possibilities to continue the saga, maybe following on the tale into the future, writing one or more Shadow King spin-offs detailing future adventures of Alith Anar, or returning to the series in short story and novella form. Some, none or all of this may ormay not happen in the future, nothing has been decided yet. Maybe I won’t ever feel it is complete until I have novelised the entirety of elf history!

In any regard, Caledor marks the end of a mini-era for me, and I hope that readers will enjoy the conclusion as much as I took pleasure from the writing of it.

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  1. I missed out on this one. Really must get a copy to see how you wrap it up!


  2. Looking forward to it immensely, should be grabbing mine at Bl Live.

    I’ll keep’em crossed for future tomes.. and will press again for an Ulthuan sourcebook/background book as well.


  3. I think this is an interesting issue. As the author I guess these characters become your “children” and you want to watch the rest of their lives. Perhaps this is your “eskimo day” as parents call it?

    They are brilliant characters. As a dwarf fan I never thought I would actually get that involved in the minds of elves.


  4. Eagerly awaiting this one. Though, be fair to yourself, ‘The Sundering’ surely includes “Aenarion” and “The Bloody Handed” to an extent too? Speaking of which, you might enjoy the scene:

    Just spent an hour this afternoon reading “The Bloody Handed” whilst sipping a pint of Earl Grey from my (genuine!) Bugman’s Bar tankard.

    Sure, it’s a somewhat inappropriate combination of images, but I rather enjoyed it!

    I thoroughly approve the idea of Alith spin-offs. The tone of his story is so overwhelmingly depressing that I think its legacy lends itself very well to short stories, audio-books and novellas.

    *Now bides time ’til “Caledor”*


    • And ‘The Dark Path’ from the BL Live chapbook. I approve of your reading circumstances, since most of my writing is conducted under the influence of numerous mugs of Earl Grey…


  5. I’m just finishing up “Shadow King” which my young son gave me for Christmas. I love it twice as much as I did “Malekith”, which I loved twice as much as anything I’ve read since LOTR…”Caledor” has a lot to live up to considering my exponential adoration of the series. It’s a good thing you’re it’s author because I don’t know if anyone else would be able to pull it off.
    Yes, to continuing the Alith saga.
    Yes, to you chronicling every minute detail of Ulthuan history!
    Can’t wait until May!


  6. I sympathize with your feelings but I was actually hoping you and Nik would return to the dwarfs. Is that so wrong? Best Regards.


    • I hope to get back to the Dwarfs too, at some point 🙂



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