Of the Lion and the Heresy…

Can’t get enough Dark Angels action? Big fan of the Horus Heresy? Desperate to know just what the Lion got up to after his encounter with Konrad Curze in Savage Weapons?

Starting with the next issue of Hammer and Bolter, you can get a preview serialisation of my novella from The Primarchs anthology, The Lion. Not convinced? Here’s what Aaron Dembski-Bowden had to say about it:

I loved The Lion, man.
I just f**king loved it, start to finish. I think it’s the best thing you’ve ever written.
Lots of manlove to you, if I didn’t have a baby on the way already I would want to bear yours,*
Of course, Aaron could be going insane, what with his imminent spawning, but the only way to prove him wrong is to read the novella for yourselves. And do you want to wait until June? Really?
P.S. Any comments whinging about digital format and the decline of modern civilisation will be mocked. Take it to the playground (ie the BL Bolthole) if you don’t like the fact that it is an e-preview.
*Later content of email may have been adjusted for comic effect.
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  1. Wait, why are we getting the whiners, now? ;p


  2. As I’m a bit impatient, could you say if you have inculded any reference, even vague, on why The Lion sent Luther and the others back to Calliban and left them there?

    A simple yes or no would do fine.

    P.S. Very good jod sir on DL. Congradulations! Waiting to see what youn next HH novel will be about.


    • There is a little nod towards events on Caliban, but the Lion’s attention is focussed much more on the forces of the Night Lords at the present time.


      • drooling….


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