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Hello all. I’m busy writing The Crown of the Usurper* at the moment, but to keep you informed and/ or entertained and/ or distracted from an impending apocalypse, here is an interview I have just finished at The Shell Case. Go on, take ten minutes and have a read.

*One of the questions is about whether I get muddled up between Warhammer and my own created world. I have just written ‘Path of the Usurper‘ for about the tenth time. Make of that what you will. Next I’ll be talking about The Crown of the Outcast… Aiyiyi.

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  1. Dear Gav!

    Me and my friends are reading your novel “The Lion”, which has started
    to publish in “Hammer and Bolter”. We were glad to know that you will
    write a trilogy, whichcontinues the story of the Dark Angels, started
    in the “Angels of Darkness”. Thank you for your books!

    However, we have a question we have argued about. In “The Lion”
    numbers of orders that accompanied the Primarch are given.

    And what was the number of Astelan’s order, which remained on Caliban?

    We never found it, unfortunately.


    • There is no set order name or chapter number of Astelan yet, so you’re free to pick whichever ones you like.


      • Thanks!


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