Deadlines, deadlines and deadlines.

Just a quick one, because as you may have guessed from the cobwebs and tumbleweed on the blog, I’ve been busy doing the writey stuff lately. I’ve just handed in The Crown of the Usurper to Angry Robot and I’m working on Ravenwing for Black Library. I have called this period ‘Deadlines of Death’, because although the workload hasn’t impacted too badly on the writing, it as meant I’ve not had time to be mooching about writing blog posts, cruising forums and the like. And the one thing I don’t want to do is develop tunnel vision. It’s important to look up from the keyboard to see what fans are dicussing, what events are going on and, maybe, even get some reading in.

Hopefully the work will ease off over the next couple of weeks and I will be able to write the second installment for my post-SFXWeekender post, in which I shall throw a few foxes amongst the chickens. I think it will stir up some discussions so I want to make sure I have time to follow the comments and conversations, hence not posting it just yet.

So, thanks for your patience, I’ll be back and more consistently very soon. Wish I had more time to enjoy this lovely weather we’re having. I’m sure it will be raining again by the time I’ve can get out and about. Ta ta for now.


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  1. That explains why The Great Crusade Competition hasn’t been judged yet.


  2. Working on books is more important answering questions.
    Best wishes and good luck in Your work.


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