Trilogy Winner Announced

Thank you all for keeping me entertained while I worked on rewrites for my Ravenwing novel (rewrites being an essential yet mainly thankless task). I asked you all to suggest a comedy title for the fourth book in my series The Crown of the Blood, and you delivered. Quite a few concerned hamsters and other rodents, a couple of them mechanical (though I feel the need to point out that dormouse is spelt, well, like that). Some were downright weird. Some even made me go ‘ewww…’

Okay, these aren’t the actual ones I’ll send out. One’s an ARC, as you can clearly see, and I’m not going to inflict my pre-edit typos on anybody.

In the end the biggest chuckle was garnered by…


The Crown of the Soldier Who took an Arrow to the Knee.

Tired meme or genius, you decide. Actually, don’t. I’ve already decided, because it’s my competition. “I used to be king of Askhor but then I took an arrow to the knee,” would make a great opening line of dialogue. If you don’t get it, don’t worry you just haven’t played Skyrim, there’s no big conspiracy.

If TroubledScribe would like to get in touch via the hamstertubes – mechanicalhamster [at] gmail [dot] com – we can get the books on their merry way.

Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun. If you’re quick, you may be able to take part in the Fallen Princes blog giveaway. If you’re not quick, you can always win a copy by going to the Robot Trading Company and simply paying money (what could be easier?).


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