That Was The Weekender That Was

I must apologise first of all for the complete lack of photos in this post, as I was too busy to take any and forgot to appoint my various handlers to the role of guest photographer.

Pictures help to liven up a blog post.

With that said, there are lots of photos flooding the internet already so if you need a visual representation please refer to those.

Can we also assume that I have thanked the vast number of people who need to be thanked, including those whom I will inevitably forget, and that it’s safe to say all the authors, artists, BL staff and fans were incredible. Yes, all of you. Even Aaron.

Thank you.

A particular highlight for me was a joint-proposal put forward alongside the esteemed Bill King during the Pitch Factor event. To say that we were disappointed that the judges weren’t keen on ‘Karaz’ would be an understatement. Even with the musical conclusion. For those who would like to know more about a twenty-volume saga written by two Giants in the Field of Dwarfs concerning the machinations of Jorri, the most black-hearted dwarf who ever lived, and his noble and handsome brother Borri, as they wrangle over possession of the Ewingsson family brewery and their trademark brew ‘Black Gold’ following the mysterious disappearance of their father, Ewing Ewingsson, who may have been walled up in his own tomb by the dastardly Jorri, the most black-hearted dwarf who ever lived, and in turns features goblins, skaven, voluptuous priestesses of Valaya, skullduggery from many cousins and the Ewingsson family rune axe, involving Beards, Betrayal and Beer, then please feel free to drop one of us a line. All offers considered.

I also particularly enjoyed the Dark Angels seminar with Christian Dunn, talking in depth and exchanging views with fans of one of the most controversial Chapters in 40k. The format of the Weekender, with more time and panels for everyone, allows for a more detailed approach to these smaller subjects than might be possible at Black Library Live. Hopefully in the future we can pick on other topics; other races and factions or even individual series of books.

Lastly, Saturday night was a blast. Aside from the hi-jinks from Bill and I at Pitch Factor, I was also privileged to be included on one of the teams for the Universally Challenged panel quiz. Gutted that we didn’t win, but I believe there may have been a scoring malfunction at some point. However, congrats to the audience for their score. After the organised fun came the part that can only really happen at a Weekender-type event: drinks in the bar. It was a long night and an extra thanks goes to those who bought me drinks (even at hotel prices), so much so that I probably should apologise for my probably less-than-one-hundred-percent performance first thing on Sunday morning. It was just as well that I managed to drag myself to my bed at 3am and I am humbled by the constitution of those that continued. The informal discussions, debates and conversations around the scheduled seminars and signings were just as important as those on the programme.

The best Black Library event ever? Damn straight. Lets make 2013 even bigger and better.

Next Sighting

And a reminder that my next public engagement is at Sheffield Central Library, 1-4pm, 17th November; accompanying fellow Angry Robot authors and editors for a session on writing and getting into publishing.

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