Video Interview

Hopefully you were not out off by my appalling Russian in the trailer, and now here is the full interview in which I discuss life, writing, Eldar and Dark Angels.

And remember, if you want to chat in person I will be at the ScifiWeekender, along with fellow BL authors Graham McNeill, Guy Haley and lots of other interesting people:

Oh, and I also witter on about names in this guest blog post over at Angels of Retribution:

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  1. Wildly off topic Gav, but in your kislevite shaman rules for warhammer quest, for the purposes of creating a character, how does one select his powers? Do you start with the standard wizards spells, blessings or a combination of both?


    • Hi,

      An oldie there. I’m not sure, could you quote the exact wording to jog my memory?




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