Whatchoo Readin’ (fer)?

So, in just under a couple of weeks I’ll be appearing at the great speculative writing convention Edge-Lit 2 in Derby on July 13th. Come and say hello!

As part of the build-up to the event, I’d like to conduct a bit of (pretty unscientific) research. One of the things I’ll be up to on the day (as well as running a writing workshop) is contributing to a panel on the Future of Fantasy. With me will be Anne Lyle, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Freda Warrington and Jennifer Williams. That’s a pretty big, amorphous topic so I thought I might try to get some numbers over the next two weeks to fuel the discussion. This week, reading habits… If you want to take part please answer all of the questions (hence the ‘Not Applicable’-type answers in some). And of course please add extra¬† thoughts and explanations in the comments.

All questions relate to fantasy reading (more of that next week…). However you want to define ‘fantasy’ is up to you (as opposed to SF or other speculative genres).

Thank you! Why not come along to the panel and join in the discussion? Be sure to say ‘hi’.

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  1. My reading habits for trilogies and long series depend greatly on when I “discover” the series. Generally I don’t know about a trilogy until it is complete, or a series until it is well established. So, while I read most trilogies as a collection or all together, I would read the books as they come out if I knew to get in at the start. The same is true for long series: I generally latch onto a series longer than four books before it is complete, read everything that is out, then read the remaining books as they come.


  2. What David said. :::nods:::


  3. Personally, though an Omnibus is great value, I’ve found I struggle to rush through them, so usually break between novels. Also, they’re a honking great nuisance for carrying around. Bundled/omnibus/anthology ebooks, on the otherhand, can be excellent with very little downside (even if I don’t read them all consecutively).

    David captures my thoughts on trilogies/series nicely too: omnibus are great if I’m late to the party, but I’d be very unlikely wait for them if I’d already started.


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