New Eldar Extract

Five-second pose!

Five-second pose!

As I promised on Facebook, here is a little extract from the bonus short story that will be appearing in the Eldar Path omnibus.

“I had no kabal,” Kolidaran replied softly. “Not even the scraps from an Archon’s table to feed upon. My first memories are of Low Commorragh when my mother, a slave-bitch who escaped from the corespur, gave her life to protect me from a prowling Ur-ghul. I strived, Jurathi, and fought tooth and claw just to elevate myself to the slums of Sec Maegra. I feasted on the decayed fruit of Khaides to survive.”

And while I have your attention, don’t forget that another omnibus is coming out soon…

Available later this month!

Available later this month!

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  1. Picked up the Omnibus of the Eldar, even after still having good copies of them individually. I really appreciate your efforts in telling their stories. I feel it is a really good story all woven together like that – even though i am a “happy ending” kind of guy, all the tales, when looked at broadly, of the Eldar – and even Tolkien’s ‘original’ versions, is one of sadness and heart break.


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