Battle for Sophia

bfs_tease1Not to be confused with an armed altercation for control of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, the Battle of Sophia is a fund-raising event taking place soon in Oxfordshire, UK to send a little girl with cerebral palsy for an operation in the US. As well as getting to make up cool stories, create cool worlds and meet cool people, one of the cool things about being a writer is contributing to efforts like this. (Occasionally working in your underpants or dressing gown is also cool.)

Usually it’s just publicity I can bring to the party but by a quirk of timing and family geography I was able to make a more worthy addition to the cause this time. I’ve raided the samples boxes in the garage and dug out armfuls of novels for the organisers to raffle and auction off. Everything is signed by me, you’ll find out the details in the coming days, and be assured that there’s one or two things in there that money (almost) can’t buy.

To learn about this great event, and to support either the forces of light or the forces of darkness with the Winds of Magic and in other ways, read more here:

And here:

You can also keep track with #battleforsophia on Twitter.

It’s happening this week, so get involved! The family have already raised a good amount, but another £5,000 will seal the deal. Let’s show folks just how great the wargames community can be.

You can share the news with the press release – 130830b_press_release_battle_for_sophia– even if you can’t afford any financial support. Get the word out there.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.

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