Hello 2014!

2013 ended on the best note possible, the arrival of our Son Samuel, and so the early weeks of 2014 have been a whirlwind of nappies, sleeplessness and many moments of sublime cuteness [I have objective evidence that little Sammy rates a 9.8 on the fluffy-puppy-squeezability scale]. Blog updates were not exactly coming thick and fast before then (for reasons, read on) and I think it’s safe to say that it’s going to take a while for things to settle down.

So I’ve grabbed a moment just to let you in on what’s happening in case I don’t get another chance in a while.

Already pondering the big questions: Marvel or DC? 40K or Warhammer? Kirk or Picard? 6mm Ancients or 10mm Napoleonic?

Already pondering the big questions:
Marvel or DC? 40K or Warhammer? Kirk or Picard? 6mm Ancients or 10mm Napoleonic?

Shortly after Samuel made his debut, I also received a nice couple of parcels in the form of the Sails of Glory game that I backed on Kickstarter. I’ve always wanted to do age-of-Nelson naval gaming and with a slick combat system, pre-painted models and a following wind this will hopefully see the light of day soon. Soonish. The production is fantastic (unlike my photography skills) and I’m sure the gameplay will be of the same quality. When I get a chance to play I’ll post my thoughts or maybe even a battle report.

Other Kickstarter-related goodies to look forward to in 2014 include Cthulu Wars, The King’s Armory and Machina Arcana. So far.

 Beat to quarters! Though overshadowed by another delivery a  few days earlier, an exciting arrival nonetheless.

Beat to quarters!
Though overshadowed by another delivery a few days earlier, an exciting arrival nonetheless.

Just before Christmas I sent Black Library the first draft of my next Time of Legends novel. Entitled Doom of Dragonback, it takes a look at the ancient ancestors of the Bugman family, and dramatic events in the mines of Ekrund in the opening years of the Goblin Wars. Its been great fun to get back to the Dwarfs; keep a look out for more information, extracts and whatnot later in the year.

I’ve also been working on some short fiction, including a story called Rise of the Secret King for the second Raus! Untoten! anthology from Fringeworks. I’m putting together a one-off fantasy short that I hope will make an appearance in a follow-up Legends anthology from Newcon Press. Edited by the absolutely grand Ian Whates, I’ve really enjoyed the first collection and I think my contribution to the second volume will be a fitting homage to an author that had a huge influence on me when I was younger. (Just after I wrote my first ever short story – Birth of  Legend – I attended a David Gemmell signing of at Nottingham Waterstone’s. I was going to mention my own authorial debut but chickened out, a moment I keep in mind every time I’m on the other side of the table these days.)

There will be plenty of Black Library stuff,  of course, including the release of Master of Sanctity, book two in the Legacy of Caliban series. And more Horus Heresy fun, both in print and audio, as well as some exciting Warhammer work that will be announced later in the year. And I should – bearing in mind the reaction to the first HH graphic novel Macragge’s Honour – be working on the script for a second title, returning to the cataclysmic events on Prospero…

There will also be some games design stuff thrown in – the release of Open Combat, a skirmish game I’ve been helping a friend with (when he can get it finished), and maybe even a Kickstarter project or two if I can get organised. There will also be another pretty durn big announcement of a different kind that currently an NDA and army of lawyers prevents me talking about, but let’s just say I had a great time last summer doing some world-building stuff for a big project with an exceptionally talented group of individuals working at a rather major company.

And I’m hoping to complete the first draft of my next non-Warhammer novel, the first of an exciting, open-ended venture.

Oh, and there’ll be the whole raising a son thing too…

Let’s rock on, 2014!


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  1. Congrats again on the birth of Samuel, certainly sounds like a busy year ahead, hope to catch up soon at a black library event somewhere 😦


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