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A-Hunt-in-the-DarkSo, as if it wasn’t enough that Master of Sanctity is now available, I only gone and done another Dark Angels story. With the tale in MoS moving on to focus on Asmoidai and Sapphon, our daring Ravenwing commander has moved out of the limelight a little, so this short is for Sammael fans and covers the most famous and important battle in his life.

It’s available to download now at Black Library:


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  1. Interesting. I have not read this, nor Ravenwing and Master of Sanctity. I assume, that like the great “Night Lords” trilogy by Aaeron, the “Legacy of Caliban” will eventually also become available as an omnibus – will this story be in it?

    And is the short “Battle Brothers” part of the LOC trilogy or is it an independant effort?


    • Hi,

      I expect there will be short stories included in the omnibus edition, but I couldn’t say which ones. It’s likely I’ll write another one or two in support of The Unforgiven release next year, and I wouldn’t like to promise that all of the spin-off shorts will be included.

      Battle Brothers ties-in to events in Ravenwing.




  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. From a Completist point of view, it would be nice to have all the stories collected in the Omnibus, so that the reader could get the full story, without having to search through the Black Library back log. It would certainly get – at the very least – brownie points when I write a review of it on Amazon 🙂



  3. Just finished Master of Sanctity. Suuuuuuuuuuch a tease ending. 2 years approx for the follow-up? Fack.


    • You’ll be pleased to hear that the wait will be only a year, The Unforgiven should be out next summer.


      • Awesome! I am hoping for some shocking revelations and validation to run Cypher as a loyalist in my army!


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