Mark of War Kickstarter update

Despite the brilliant reasons set forth in my last post, the Kickstarter for Mark of War simply hasn’t gained the level of attention it deserved or needed, and the team at Warpforged Games have rightly decided to end the campaign rather than let things drag on pointlessly for another couple of weeks. Nobody likes to see those forlorn Kickstarters shuffling and twitching along in a semblance of life, unloved even by their creators. I’m disappointed but not disheartened. Mark of War will live on in a different way.

There will be debriefings, autopsies and feedback on the campaign itself. Every Kickstarter is different and there are some things that could have been done better, for certain, and I will be passing on my thoughts along with everyone else. It was always an ambitious goal, but the right one at this stage, to get enough backing to finance a top-tier game that would grace any PC, Mac or tablet. The Kickstarter – aptly named – has not delivered that surge of capital that would have enabled Warpforged to hire and expand quickly, so instead the team is going to carry on with the development of the game at a more modest level. Quality will not be sacrificed, but that will take time to deliver.

It’s all in the latest update from Mike, but basically the team have been working on a playable demo since the beginning and will continue to do so, with the hope that it will be free to download in a few months’ time. From here Mark of War can continue to grow, at a slower pace than would have been possible with the Kickstarter funding, but with all the relentless and resolute momentum of a dwarf advance.

I would like to thank again everybody that backed the Kickstarter, and also those that took the time to have a look, even if it was not for them. Please join us on the Facebook page and Mark of War forums to keep up with the latest developments and to continue providing your thoughts and feedback. If you liked the game but weren’t sure of the Kickstarter you can get involved.

Kickstarter or not, Mark of War is going to become a reality, and I’m just as eager to give it a first play as I was when Mike first approached me a few months back.

This is a ‘see you later’, not a goodbye.

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