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Busy, busy, busy. The same as always when you’re freelance. It’s a good busy, as they say. Better to be working than not. Of course, as a waffy creative type it’s not all about sitting at the keyboard churning out words. There’s the actual creating bit that needs doing, like coming up with stories and scenes and dialogue. Also, I sometimes like to get out and actually, you know, meet real people, not just the ones in my head.

So, in no particular order, here’s some of what’s been a-happening in the world of Gav lately.


First up, I have begun the first draft of The Unforgiven, book three in the Legacy of Caliban. Judging by comments delivered in person, on Facebook and twitter, the ending to Master of Sanctity has left a lot of folks eager to know what happens next. Well, that’s easy. First of all, XXXX has to hunt down XXXX, and then with the help of XXXX the Dark Angels find out about XXXX and Azrael has to XXXX with XXXX to prevent XXXX from XXXX and destroying the Chapter. Hope that clears things up. The Unforgiven will be hitting the shelves next summer.


If you want to chat about the Legacy of caliban or any of my books, this coming weekend – 11th and 12th October – is the perfect opportunity. I’ll be with a clutch of other Black Library authors at Warhammer Fest, taking place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK. It’s a new format for Games Workshop’s premier event, taking over from the Games Days of past years. I’m just as curious as everyone else to see what the seminars and displays will be like. Be sure to come and say hello, maybe get a book signed, have a chat.

Open Combat rulebookSpeaking of events, I was at Derby World Wargames this past weekend, at Donington park. As well as resisting the stands full of cool toy soldiers and board games (not an easy feat!) I was there to help out my friend Carl with his new game – Open Combat. I’ll be posting more about this universal skirmish system in more detail in the next couple of days, but for now you can go to the Second Thunder website to download the rules PDF for the special launch price of £7.50. It’s been three and more years in the making, and Carl is still getting the site in order, but I genuinely think that this is one of the best purchases any miniatures gamer could make – it’s a surefire investment in fun and you don’t have to buy a single toy soldier you don’t want, just use what’s already in your collection.

That’s the big stuff for now. If you want to keep up with what else is going on, please follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page (or both!). Thanks!


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  1. Hehehe – nice 🙂 Will we meet a lovely, friendish Traveler?


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