Morehammer Fest!

I spent this past Saturday and Sunday at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK for the first ever Warhammer Fest. The successor to Games Day as Games Workshop’s premier event, Warhammer Fest had a lot to live up to. If I’m brutally honest… it did! Okay, so it was smaller, but that was not a bad thing. It felt more personal, more about talking to fans and other gamers than just getting as many people as possible into one building. The fact that the various ‘parts’ of the event – retail, gaming, Design Studio, Forge World, Black Library, seminars, GW Licensing – were split across several rooms made it feel more like other genre conventions I attend and less like a cattle market.

The Legacies of Betrayal Horus Heresy Anthology

This lovely collection was available on pre-release.

From my view as a Black Library guest, my only comment would be to provide an alternative to baked potato for the staff lunch. It’s a small gripe (unlike the potatoes which were rather large) and as the Ricoh arena has its own food concessions and is situated 5 minutes from Europe’s largest Tesco store, there were alternatives if I was really that bothered.

The repetitive spud lunches aside, everything ran smoothly. The flow of people was fairly constant throughout the day, there was time for people to chat and a little bit of time to have a look around the event too. It was great to see and talk to so many fans of the eldar, Raven Guard and Dark Angels – as well as quite a few Warhammer dwarfs aficionados too. It’s always nice getting that kindly reassurance from real people once in a while – meeting folks that have paid money and enjoyed my books inspires me to make sure that I keep pushing myself, to greet every project as an exciting challenge and not just a paid chore.

Sin of Damnation Space Hulk novella

I signed a gratifying number of these too. I will endeavour to make some more time for Blood Angels on my packed schedule.

And I say it about every event, and it was just as true of Warhammer Fest – it was brilliant to meet up with the Black Library team and the fellows authors and artists. I had a blast with Neil Roberts (gubaphobe), Gub Haley, Andy ‘gubgub’ Smillie, Jes Gubham (umm, Bickham – White Dwarf editor) and James ‘Gubslinger’ Swallow. For those that were unfortunate enough to be near us on Saturday night, my only defence for such shrill and loud behaviour is that we don’t get out much, we had been very busy all day, there was a card game called ‘Gubs‘ involved, and we had been drinking pink wine. No excuses, just explanations.

The most telling fact is that, having spent a weekend in the company of fellow Black Library fans and gamers and shared their honest enthusiasm, I feel more energised and inspired by the hobby and background than I did before I went.

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  1. The event only marred by Coventry City turning up at half past one and starting to strip down to their underpants in a terrible scheduling error…


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