An Old Friend Returns

Horus Heresy Merir Astelan

Say hello to Astelan.

This image appeared in the Horus Heresy CCG from Sabertooth Games (where he gained the first name Merir), based on the character I first introduced in Angels of Darkness more than ten years ago. Astelan has been a provocative and controversial figure since his inception, inciting both argument and inspiration amongst Dark Angels and 40K fans and stirring plenty of comment from other writers too.

Angels of Darkness novel second printing cover

Astelan’s testimony during his interrogation in Angels of Darkness has been a source of much debate, with some fans cursing him as an outright liar, others wondering if there is some truth behind the Fallen’s falsehoods. Whenever Lion El’Jonson and his gene-sons are involved, you can be sure that no matter how black and white a situation seems at first, there are shades of grey beneath.

The Tales of Heresy anthology coverI returned to him ten thousand years earlier thanks to the arrival of the Horus Heresy series, in the short story entitle Call of the Lion, collected in the Tales of Heresy anthology. In this episode Astelan tangles with another Dark Angels Chapter Master over the compliance of a world, witnessing first-hand the changes the Lion has wrought on the First Legion.

Master of Sanctity novel coverIt was too tempting to resist bringing Astelan back in my Legacy of Caliban series, so Astelan reappears in the 41st millennium timeline in book two – Master of Sanctity. Those of you that have finished reading the novel may or may not be left wondering if he will return in book three – The Unforgiven. You’ll have to wait and see!

Mast of the First audio drama coverAnd now we warp back to the days of the Horus Heresy, and can hear Astelan’s unfolding plans by virtue of the audio drama Master of the First. Astelan has always claimed to be a dedicated son of the Emperor, but trapped on Caliban amongst the resurgent Ranks of the Order under the command of Luther, where do his loyalties really lie?

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  1. Hello!

    This might not be the best of places to ask this question – but it concerns a Dark Angel, so…why not?

    The newest anthology published by Black Library contains a story by your hand “All Must End” – is this part of the “Legacy of Caliban”-series, or an independent tale?



    • Hi,

      All Must End is a sort of ‘off-screen’ scene from Master of Sanctity and portrays a certain sequence of events from the novel via Harahel’s perspective.




  2. Hi

    Thank you for your reply. Interesting to know. Further a previous comment of mine: will it be part of the inevitable omnibus edition, so as to give the “complete” story, or will it be left out?

    I know that the last book of your trilogy is still in the works, but I am allowing myself to assume that plans for the omnibus are already underway? 🙂



  3. Hello,

    I really don’t know one way or the other whether All Must End will be in the omnibus – I have written quite a few DA short stories over the last couple of years so at this stage I have no idea if the editors have any preferences, if any, as to which would be collected.

    I’m sure it will end up in a printed anthology at some point, but can’t say any more than that.




  4. When is Unforgiven supposed to be released?


    • Summer 2015 is the planned release.



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