Raptor Competition Winner and Early Plans for 2015

Welcome to the hallowed halls of 2015. Just before Christmas I set a challenge:

My latest audio drama Holder of the Keys had a line removed during editing. The line was “We checked it twice.” I want you to tell me where in the audio the line was originally.

IMG_0361The real trick was remembering that this was an Advent story, and despite the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium I tried to sneak in a bit of Christmas cheer. Those that work in a retail environment in particular may have heard this particular refrain many times over the seasonal period:

He’s making a list, Checking it twice; Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

So Holder of the Keys in my original draft included the following:

Your cowardice needs no confirmation. We have a list of those that held true and those that fell. We checked it twice.

IMG_0360Congratulations to Vladyslav Obniavko from Odessa in Ukraine for getting the answer right and being first out of the virtual hat. A signed copy of Raptor will be heading his way as soon as I get my samples. Other News RavenwingI have just delivered the new draft of The Unforgiven to the editors at Black Library, so that is on track for release this summer. In other Dark Angels news I am starting to plan my next Horus Heresy novel, which will turn attention from the Lion’s exploits on the Eastern Fringe back to Caliban. as well as catching up on the ongoing fun with Corswain and Calas Typhon of the Death Guard. Early days yet, but concluding the Legacy of Caliban for Warhammer 40,000 has put me in the ideal spot for some Heresy-era politics and battles! Master of Sanctity novel coverWith the conclusion of the Dark Angels I’m left to pitch some ideas for my next 40K series to the editors. I was intending to step away from the Space Marines for a bit of a non-superhuman-killing-machine breather, but after introducing some Consecrators in a cameo at the end of The Unforgiven, I might develop some of those characters a little. Either that, or I might return to the Imperial Guard/ Astra Militarum. I haven’t written for the poor grunts since the days of the Last Chancers and a lot has happened over those years. It’ll be nice to get back with one of the old regiments perhaps. Bear in mind that I have some more Eldar novels on the way – no official release date yet but I can give you a small visual clue as to the subject of the first one… There will also be an accompanying audio drama. 99800104025_AsurmenNEW_01 So, what do you folks think I should write next?

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  1. Something about the fall would be nice. A bit of additional depth to the doom of the elder empire


    • Funny you should mention that… Might be related to that last picture.



      • Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan

        Book one in the Phoenix Lords series, featuring Asurmen, the first and greatest of the Phoenix Lords.

        Asurmen is the first and greatest of the Phoenix Lords, a demigod of battle whose legend spans the stars. He shielded his people from destruction at the time of the Fall, and led his chosen warriors, the Dire Avengers, in defence of the eldar for ten thousand years. A superlative warrior and peerless leader, Asurmen is one of the greatest hopes of the eldar race.


  2. A book about Asurmen, perhaps spanning from before the Fall to after, or starting out post-Fall and from the POV of either Asurmen or one of his disciples in order to keep the mystique about him.

    The Fall of the Eldar can be likened to the fall of Atlantis or Tolkien’s Numenor, and Asurmen’s story post-Fall can be a window onto the immediate time period around the founding of Gondor and Arnor, where the shocked survivors try to piece together some working society from the shattered ruin of everything they knew. Of course it would also be a way to shed light on Asurmen himself and his brother, because right now Asurmen is a rather generic archetypal Eldar hero (which may be his whole point) and we know less about him as an individual than we do about any other Phoenix Lord.


  3. Well – the first two Eldar Path novels were stellar; really, really good stuff. The conclusion of the Path series was the weakest, alas. But a series about the Eldar Phoenix Lords with flashback to the Doom of the Eldar could be interesting. Just…don’t include any Dark Angels or their successors at any point in time during future novels 😉


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