2015 The Year of Hobby: Update One

As I mentioned before Christmas, I’m launching myself into the toy soldiers and gaming hobby with a bit more gusto than previous years, thanks to some work on Open Combat and also a big Kickstarter delivery. Apologies for amateurish camera work, but I will get some better pics when stuff gets finished.

Sunday evening I assessed my hobby supplies and looked at the projects to hand.


This was my paints collection last week, most of it dating back not to the previous range of Citadel Colour, but the range before that! They were mostly from a mega-paint set I acquired not long before leaving GW and a good number had dried up. Some are a bit thick, but not beyond redemption – the benefit of water-soluble paints is that you can resurrect old pots pretty easily; most of the painting advice these days is to thin paints a little anyway, regardless of the manufacturer.

So after the cull (performed to the tune of Alison Moyet’s lesser-known hit ‘All Dried Out’) I got out the new additions. These comprised a combination of Army Painter tools and paints for Christmas presents thanks to Warlord Games’ wish-list function, with the addition of a few paints I picked up in Games Workshop Derby, along with some ‘liquid green stuff’ to help smooth out any assembly imperfections.


Feeling like I had everything ready, I gathered the current works-in-progress.


1. A selection of classic Undead and Imps as inspiration for some Open Combat warbands and rules.


2. Warlord Games Red Army, to go with some World War II rules I’ve been working on for the last three or four years… I have British Paras, German Fallschirmjager and American Airborne already, but it wouldn’t feel right without some Soviets.


3. Playtest for models for an in-progress ‘future sports’ game. Like the WWII rules, I have a bit of a personal opus of a future sports game that’s been bubbling around for several years. These players are ‘converted’ sky surfers from the Mongoose Judge Dredd range. And by converted, I mean they’ve had the weapons cut off and the limbs bent a bit – not the most difficult modelling project ever undertaken. (PS All I need to do next is find a use for twelve sky boards without riders…)


4.Normans and Saxons – these are Gripping Beast models. I used to use an adapted version of GW’s The Lord of the Rings rules (proxying for Gondorians and Rohirrim respectively) but these days I’m playing Open Combat with them instead.

IMG_0822The Norman knights, led by Duke William. The keen-eyed will see that their steeds aren’t those that come from Gripping Beast, andperhaps not strictly true to the Norman style, but they are plastic and therefore lighter. A no-prize for anyone that comes up with the correct identity.

I’ll be writing a couple of articles about the warbands, so these are my first priority. They just need a little bit of attention to make them stand out in photography a bit more.

5. And there’s this box of Twilight: Chronicles of Anyaral miniatures to get started on. More of them in a later post, plus updates on the Twilight forum hopefully.


So I made a start on the knights. I need a brighter silver to finish off the mail and make it stand out, but a couple of ink glazes and some highlights have certainly made a difference.

IMG_0827 IMG_0828I’ll be giving the infantry a similar treatment, and then I’ll make a start on the first forces for Twilight. A good start, and I shall keep you updated. And just for some extra inspiration, I broke out the reading material while the inks were drying.

norman books

What’s your hobby vow this year?















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  1. To actually paint something mostly. I’ve been trying to get back into 40k with my local gaming buddies since 2011, and while I’ve played in some fun games I’ve yet to paint more than two models in four years.

    Both my Necromunda gang and my Blood Bowl team wound up being painted by someone else. I’ve really struggled to get back into the painting mindset.


  2. I have vowed to complete 3 models a week this year, so far i have done 5 a week…so thats a good start. Lets see if i can keep it going.


  3. To finish my Nuln army and urban scene diorama/display board (a la Dave Taylor). And then get cracking with Undead Legions! Nagash is done, not he just needs some minions…


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