Questions, questions, questions…

batman-riddler-theme-339434-1-s-307x512It used to be the case that your favourite author was probably a distant figure, dispensing their pearls of fictional awesomeness from a mysterious ivory tower in the wilderness of Imaginationland. If you really, really liked them you might send them a letter via their publisher, and would probably receive a reply. You might get to talk to them at a signing and you might be able to read an article or interview if they were famous enough, or you followed the industry ‘zines.

These days the interwebs have changed all that. Sure, an author can sometimes get away with being all lofty and unapproachable, but for most of us we need to get our faces out there as much as our words. People want to read, but they also want to interact. At its heart the internet is a tool for discussion, whether that’s about a fictional world, a particular author or even a specific book. It gives authors a global reach that would be hard to achieve any other way.

I started this blog, as many writers to do, to keep in the practice of laying out words on a regular basis when I didn’t have any commissioned work lined up. In the not-too-distant future it will be retired as I unveil a wonderful new website with all the twirly bits. The new site will have a blog too, of course. And hopefully a decent searchable archive at some point when we find the time to put it together… It’s important to me that I have this place where I can share my thoughts, even if it is on a sporadic basis these days.

Goodreads logoAnd now you can directly ask me questions through my Goodreads profile. I always try to reply to direct contacts, even if it takes some time when I’m in the mental and emotional throes of a project, so if you want to know what’s happening with a book, ask about a favourite character, query a plot point or perhaps something else, this is a great way to do it. And while you’re there (or on Amazon, Google, etc), please share a rating or review of your favourite books – not just mine, it really does help the authors you want to support.

I look forward to answering your questions soon.

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  1. I am certain that responding to mail is not a sacred procrastination tool. Two birds…

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  2. when is book three in the legacy of caliban trilogy coming out man?


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