List of Works

Many of my novels and the short story anthologies are available in foreign language editions, including French, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Polish. Please check with your local distributor to see if a particular title has been produced.

No American translations are available 😉

Black Library Novels

13thlegion313th Legion, Dec 2000 [ISBN 184151397]First title in the Eldar Path trilogy

Kill Team, Oct 2001 [ISBN 1841541559]

Annihilation Squad, Mar 2004 [ISBN 1844160750]

The Last Chancers (omnibus edition), Mar 06 [ISBN 1844163008]

aod2Angels of Darkness, Feb 2003 [ISBN 1844161021]

Grudge Bearer, Jun 2005 [ISBN 1844161978], collected Dwarfs, Jun 2011 [ISBN 9781849700481 ]

The Claws of Chaos, Aug 2002 [ISBN 1841542571]

The Blades of Chaos, Sep 2003 [ISBN 1844160181]

malekith1The Heart of Chaos, Sep 2004 [ISBN 1844161145]

Malekith, Jan 2009 [ISBN 9781844166107]

Shadow King, Jan 2010 [ISBN 9781844168163]

Caledor, May 2011 [ISBN 9781849700504]

the-sunderingCollected in The Sundering, Sep 2012 [ISBN 9781849702416]

Purging of Kadillus, The, Feb 2011 [ISBN 9781844168965 ]

Path of the Warrior, June 2010 [ISBN 9781844168743]

Path of the Seer, Sep 2011 [ISBN 9781849700801]

Path of the Outcast, Aug 2012 [ISBN 9781849701976]

Deliverance Lost, Jan 2012 [ISBN 9781849700610]

Ravenwing, Jan 2013 [ISBN 9781849703307]

Angry Robot Novels

The Crown of the BloodSep 2010 [ ISBN 9780857660572]
 The Crown of the Conqueror , Sep 2011 [ISBN ISBN 9780857661203]
The Crown of the Usurper, Aug 2012 [ ISBN 9780857661326]

Black Library Audiobooks and Novellas

Space Hulk, Sep 2009 [ISBN 9781844167999], collected in Book of Blood, The, Apr 2010 [ISBN 9781844169115]

Raven’s Flight, Feb 2010

Aenarion, October 2010, prose version printed in Age of Legend, Jan 2012 [ISBN 9781849701006 ]

The Bloody-handed, Dec 2010 [ISBN 9781849700191]

Catechism of Hate, Ltd Ed, Jan 2012 [ISBN 9781849702355]

The Lion, ThePrimarchs, May 2012 [ISBN 9781849702072]

Misson: Purge, digital download

Black Library Short Stories

[Some Inferno articles (not mine!) are available online]

whanthology1Birth of a Legend [Inferno magazine #2, Tales of the Old World ISBN 978-1844164523 ]

The Faithful Servant [Inferno magazine #3, Realm of Chaos ISBN 978-1841541075, Tales of the Old World ISBN 978-1844164523  ]

Last Chance [Inferno magazine #5, later incorporated into 13th Legion]

Acceptable Losses [Inferno magazine #9, Into the Maelstrom 40kanthology2ISBN 978-1841541037,  Let the Galaxy Burn ISBN 978-1844163427]

Deliverance [Inferno magazine #12, The Last Chancers (omnibus edition) ISBN 1844163008]

Nightmare [Inferno magazine #13, Dark Imperium ISBN 978-1841541365, Let the Galaxy Burn ISBN 978-1844163427]

Know Thine Enemy [Inferno magazine #14, Dark Imperium ISBN 978-1841541365,  Let the Galaxy Burn ISBN 978-1844163427]

Tybalt’s Quest [Inferno magazine #18, Lords of Valour ISBN 978-1841541501, Tales of the Old World ISBN 978-1844164523 ]

Suffer Not the Unclean to Live [Inferno magazine #22, Deathwing ISBN 978-1841541549, Let the Galaxy Burn ISBN 978-1844163427]

Ancestral Honour [Inferno magazine #23, Lords of Valour ISBN 978-1841541501, Tales of the Old World ISBN 978-1844164523 ]

Raptor Down [Inferno magazine #24, Words of Blood ISBN 978-1841542300,  Let the Galaxy Burn ISBN 978-1844163427]

Tybalt’s Battle [Inferno magazine #25, Tales of the Old World ISBN 978-1844164523 ]

Liberty [Inferno magazine #27, Words of Blood ISBN 978-1841542300, The Last Chancers (omnibus edition) ISBN 1844163008]

Hard As Stone (The White Dwarf) [White Dwarf magazine #300, incorporated in Grudgebearer]

Renegades (Heroes of the Space Marines ISBN 978-1844167302)

Call of the Lion (Tales of Heresy ISBN 978-1844166831)

Rewards of Tolerance (Victories of the Space Marines ISBN 9781849700429)

Face of Treachery (Age of Darkness ISBN 9781849700368)

The Ninth Book (Age of Legend ISBN 9781849701006)

Aenarion (prose version) (Age of Legend ISBN 9781849701006)

Blood Brothers, digital download

Games Workshop Games and Supplements (including co-credits)

Battlefleet Gothic

Battlefleet Gothic: Warp Storm (contributor)

Codex Battlezone: Cityfight

Codex: Armageddon

Codex: Assassins (40K 3rd edition)

Codex: Blood Angels (40K 3rd edition)

Codex: Catachans

Codex: Craftworld Eldar

Codex: Dark Eldar (40K 3rd edition)

Codex: Eldar (40K 3rd edition)

Codex: Sisters of Battle

Codex: Space Marines (40K 3rd edition)

Epic 40,000


Gorkamorka – Digganob

Inquisitor – Battle for the Emperor’s Soul

Inquisitor – Death of an Angel

Mordheim (contributor)

Titan Legions

Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition

Warhammer 40,000 4th edition

Warhammer 40,000 5th edition

Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse

Warhammer 40,000: Cities of Death

Warhammer 6th edition

Warhammer 7th edition

Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (WH 6th edition)

Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves (WH 6th and 7th edition)

Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs (WH 6th edition)

Warhammer Armies: Hordes of Chaos (WH 6th edition)

Warhammer Armies: Tomb Kings (WH 6th edition)

Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts (WH 6th and 7th edition)

Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest: Catacombs of Terror

Warhammer Quest: Deathblow (contributor)

Warhammer Quest: Pit Fighter

Games Workshop Magazines

Citadel Journal issues 1-08 (co-editor and staff writer)

White Dwarf Magazine issues 170-345 (contributor)

White Dwarf Magazine issues 181-200 (staff writer, layout and photography)

Other Works

Warhammer 40,000 Quiz Book (contributor), Black Library

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition (contributor), Black Industries and Green Ronin

Grudgelore: A History of Grudges and the Great Realm of the Dwarfs, Black Library [ISBN 978-1844165032]

The Toll, comic script, Warhammer Monthly #?? and Ulli and Marquand graphic novel, Black Library, [ISBN 1841542113]

Mark of Chaos (script and voiceovers), Black Hole Entertainment and Bandai Namco

Hobby Games: 100 Best (contributor), Green Ronin

Family Games: 100 Best (contributor), Green Ronin

Cutlass! (games designer), Black Scorpion Miniatures.

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  1. I really enjoyed your short story Renegades in Heroes of the Space Marines. In fact, it’s one of my favorite stories from Black Library. Do you have any plans to write more about those characters? I would love to see what becomes of the survivors after Renegades. Even a prequel about what happened on Archimedon would be great!


    • Hi Jeff,

      I’m glad you like Renegades. It’s gong to be entertaning watching their slide away from the Imperium. Gessart and co will certainly be seen again. The second installment will be in the next Space Marines anthology.


  2. Hi,

    First I’d like to congratulate you for your work, I read both book of Tale of the sundering and I’m looking foward to read the last one.

    I1d like to ask you to if you know the books from the same timeline yours is, I’d to read all books of Warhammer history but trying to read it in the “correct” timeline. The tales before your books, I believe wasn’t wrote right? Do you have this list ? Books release and Timeline?

    Best Regards

    Artur Bueno


    • Hi Artur,

      For the Time of Legends series there are three trilogies – The Sundering (my ones!), Nagash and Sigmar. In terms of the history of the Warhammer World, The Sundering occurs first, then the life of Nagash, and then Sigmar’s rise. The Sundering books in order are Malekith, Shadow King and (out next year) Caledor.

      Hope that helps,


      PS The Aenarion audiobook takes place before all of these stories.


  3. Hi, best regards from Czech Republic.

    I loved The Faithful Servant story for long time. I see it as the greatest highlight of Realm of Chaos anthology – no action but the core ideas of whole Warhammer I guess: faith and loyalty struggle. I’d like to ask you: is it purpose that Warhammer (as fantasy as 40k) appears so Christian?

    Acceptable Losses were also perfect… thanks for your writing!

    Good luck in your career,
    Vojtěch Dobeš


    • I think that sometimes Warhammer can appear more Christian than it is intended to be, simply because of the focus on Sigmar within the Empire. In the ‘reality’ of the Warhammer world, Sigmar is only one of a pantheon of human gods, but I suppose that the link between church and state, with the inspiration being the Holy Roman Empire, is going to throw up comparisons. I also think that occasionally writers slip into what they know well and portray Sigmar worship as a single religion, whereas proper attention should be given to other gods such as Morr, Ranald, and the others.


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